Our Spend Management Team Offers Cost Reduction Services for Goods Sold

Reducing Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Cost Reduction for Goods Sold


COGS Reduction for CPG Companies

Consumer Packaged Goods companies need to maintain a competitive advantage while providing customers with dependable, high-quality products. The Strategic Sourcing team at Source One help these organizations align themselves with best-fit suppliers to help them painlessly meet their cost reduction goals. We’ll empower you to reduce COGS without reducing quality.

Cost of Goods Sold Reduction for CPG

COGS Reduction for Manufacturing

Whatever product your organization manufactures, your customers have come to expect a certain quality. Pursuing your cost reduction goals shouldn’t mean letting these customers down. Source One’s clients can count on our Strategic Sourcing specialists to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency while manufacturing the high-quality goods their customers have come to expect.

Cost of Goods Sold Reduction for Manufacturing


Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Strategic Sourcing Services from Source One

Cost Reduction Services for Goods Sold in any Industry

Our Strategic Sourcing team optimizes direct material sourcing to help clients reduce their COGS (cost of goods sold) without lowering their quality standards. 

Across various industries, organizations rely on strategic sourcing initiatives to create their products and serve their customers. Whatever the product, it’s likely direct materials are one of the organization’s largest – and most essential – expenses.

For Procurement teams with limited resources, the process of sourcing these direct materials and reducing costs can prove both exhausting and fruitless. Anticipating cost reduction, they find themselves locked into relationships with suppliers who can’t meet their unique specifications. Even if they manage to reduce their cost of goods sold, they’re often forced to lower their standards.

Source One’s cost reduction team empowers organizations to achieve their pricing goals without making any sacrifices. Leveraging our years of Strategic Sourcing experience, proven cost reduction best practices, and unparalleled database of real-time market intelligence, we’ll supplement your cost cutting efforts and help make Procurement a strategic value generator for your organization.


We’ll provide expert support to ensure you reduce costs across all spend categories while providing your customer base with the high-quality products and services they’ve come to expect. That’s what countless satisfied clients have come to expect from the leaders in Strategic Sourcing.


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