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Outsourced Procure-to-Pay

Outsource P2P with Source One to simplify Procurement’s process, generate a greater ROI, and realize the strategic value of spend management you’ve been waiting for.

Procurement units everywhere are eager to realize a digital transformation. Your team probably isn’t any different. Maybe you’re bogged down in paper-based processes, suffering from poor cash flow visibility, or simply looking for an opportunity to take on more strategic initiatives. Whatever your pain points, outsourcing P2P to Source One is the answer.

By Outsourcing P2P to Source One and its world-class solution, you’re empowering Procurement to finally reach its potential. We automate the full procure-to-pay process to eliminate all but the essential touch points. With processes like spend analysis, RFX administration, and purchase order disbursement off their plates, your Procurement and Finance teams can both refocus their efforts on more strategic, impactful initiatives.

Technology Enabled Spend Management

Remember, P2P technology isn’t a magic bullet for every organization. Generating a consistent return on investment depends on your team’s ability to fully adopt and leverage its preferred P2P solution. Source One can help.

Our unique approach to Outsourced P2P is about more than providing access to a world-class solution. We offer what other spend management firms cannot in the form of our on-shore resources and full suite of Procurement Managed Services. We’re equipped to provide whatever support you need to successfully implement our P2P solution and carry out change management. That means you’ll realize all the benefits of Outsourced P2P without the risks and headaches you might expect.

Outsourced Procure-to-Pay from Source One

Most Outsourced P2P providers are happy to hand over the keys and say good luck. Not Source One. We recognize that even best-in-class Procurement teams often lack the organization and internal policies necessary to realize a solution’s benefits. If your team has struggled with P2P technology in the past, Source One’s team of Supply Chain specialists can provide the extra consultative support you need to turn things around.

Lots of organizations provide Outsourced P2P support. Most can even offer a dependable solution for boosting Procurement’s efficiency and eliminating tactical processes. Source One is the only one providing a true end-to-end solution for optimizing spend management and elevating the Procurement function. Reach out today to learn more about what Outsourcing P2P to Source One.


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