Outsource Your Tail Spend Management and Focus on Core Business Objectives

Outsourced Tail Spend Management

End-to-End Spend Management Services

Tail Spend Management Podcast

Experts from Source One and Buyers Meeting Point advocate for a more strategic approach to tail spend management in this episode of the Source One Podcast. Listen for insights on bringing un-managed spend under control and generating sustainable value.

Let Our Spend Management Experts Buy Your Tail Spend

Outsourced Tail Spend Management

Large companies, let our spend management experts take care of tail spend for you. 

You know that taking a strategic approach to managing spend and supplier relationships pays off. You’ve established a dedicated Procurement team and empowered them to drive value in key categories. But you can’t give your full attention to every dollar. Despite your best effort, some portion of your spend gets categorized as “tail.” Maybe it’s your indirect spend, maybe it’s everything that’s purchased without a contract. However you define tail spend, ignoring it could mean leaving cost reduction opportunities on the table.

Let Us Buy Your Tail Spend

Source One’s consultants have the category and procurement expertise to provide end-to-end spend management. Whether your tail spend includes purchases from a few categories or constitutes the bulk of you indirect spend, our services will help you bring it under strategic control.  Source One leverages a unique blend of consulting, technology, and managed services to optimize the purchasing process from demand to payment.

Does this sound like your organization and its Procurement team?

  • Inconsistent category expertise.
  • Unmanageable supply base.
  • Poor spend visibility.
  • Inefficient, time-consuming processes.


Outsource tail spend management to Source One to eliminate these headaches and save your organization both time and money. With tail spend off their plates, your Procurement and Finance will have time to focus on the high-impact initiatives that will help them grow into trusted business advisers. Our tail spend management team provides hands-on support and category expertise that typical outsourcing models cannot.

Outsourced Tail Spend Management

Source One calls upon a unique combination of technology, financing options, and managed services to optimize Procurement’s approach and maximize value. Our end-to-end tail spend management solution not only eliminates your tactical workload, but empowers Procurement to align itself with organization-wide objectives. Stop settling for good enough. Reach out to our Outsourced Tail Spend Management team today.



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