Mexico Conama 2011 Summary

Mexico Conama 2011 Summary

Source One Execs Address Mexican Conference on Developing New Business Opportunities

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As a result of recent upheavals around the world (both natural and man-made) more U.S. companies are viewing Mexico as a viable near-shore alternative to help offset potential disruptions to their global supply chains.

In March, Source One executives addressed many of the key issues relating to this phenomenon when they became the first U.S. business representatives ever invited to speak at the National Congress Manzanillo (CONAMA) 2011, a key international business conference held in the state of Colima.

Steven Belli, Chief Executive Officer for Source One, told the assembly that Mexican companies which can demonstrate a high level of industry expertise, creativity and reliability – and are able to market themselves effectively to prospective U.S. business partners – have reasons for optimism.

Belli, along with Source One’s Director of Operations William Dorn, also met with representatives from Mexican industry; government officials representing the federal Commerce Department, the Central Bank of Mexico, the Department of Tourism; and a number of top university officials who organized the international consortium.

Belli cited three key changes that are helping to guide the development of Mexico as a key near-shore source for supplies and manufactured products:

These key changes should provide several important advantages to potential U.S. partners:

But in order to take advantage of them effectively, U.S. businesses need to:

Source One professionals have been working with their colleagues in Mexico and Latin American to identify potential suppliers and to assess capabilities for increased business expansion, Belli notes. In addition, Source One has been working directly with potential suppliers to assist them in their efforts to reach out effectively to the U.S. marketplace.

CONAMA 2011 Invitation

Manzanillo 2nd Annual Trade Conference(CONAMA)

Source One was proud to have been invited to the second annual international trade conference hosted in Manzanillo, Mexico. Source One’s CEO, Steven Belli; Director of Operations, William Dorn; and Latin American Market Liason, Diego De la Garza, were the first American business representatives to have been honored to speak at the engagement.Click the link below to learn more about the event.

CONAMA Conference 2011 – Mexican Trade

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