Managed Procurement Services to augment your sourcing team.

Managed Procurement Services

Source One's Managed Procurement Services optimize your internal Procurement team.

Managed Procurement Services Consulting Firm

Is your Procurement department struggling to meet your company’s needs? Consider leveraging Source One’s Managed Procurement Services to develop scalable, strategic solutions.

As Procurement continues to evolve and reveal its value, companies find themselves in need of more robust strategic sourcing operations.   Even established organizations sometimes lack the resources to develop and maintain Procurement functions of the appropriate size, structure, and maturity.  As a result, many are looking for cost-effective outside help from Managed Procurement Services Firms.

Outsourcing Procurement services is nothing new.  For years, companies of all sizes have brought in external procurement teams to support their strategic sourcing units.  Too many, however, make these decisions with little but price in mind.  Opting for the low-cost services of large Procurement BPOs, many companies find themselves disappointed by impersonal and ineffective Managed Procurement offerings.

Source One’s mix of dedicated Procurement professionals, intuitive strategic sourcing technologies, and data-backed market intelligence equip us to provide the specialized consultation that larger Procurement BPOs cannot.   Let’s take a look at how our Managed Procurement and Strategic Sourcing services compare to what the BPOs can offer you . . .

A (Seemingly) Cost-Effective Procurement BPO:

Managed Procurement Services from Source One

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing has evolved, and your organization’s approach to them should too.  Leading companies can no longer rely on the tactical, transactional services of traditional Procurement BPOs.  Whether you’ve been disappointed by a Procurement BPO in the past, or have never considered outsourcing your Procurement efforts,  Source One’s end-to-end Managed Procurement Services could be the solution your company is looking for.

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Savings from Flexible Procurement Services

Managed Procurement Services Support

Our Procurement consultants have evolved with Procurement itself.  Trusting Source One to manage your Procurement team’s operations will mean much more than cost reduction opportunities.


Category Management with On-Demand Procurement Support

Category Management through Source One’s Managed Procurement Services increases visibility and drives savings in any spend category.  We know that because we’ve helped Procurement teams optimize their purchasing in hundreds of spend categories.  Here’s a small sample of where our sourcing experts have realized savings:


Spend Management Solutions for any Industry