A New Approach to Outsourced Procurement Support

Introducing the Procurement Help Desk

The Procurement Help Desk in Action

Source One’s recent engagement with a Medical Device Manufacturer is a case study in the versatility and efficacy of the Procurement Help Desk service offering. The organization approached Source One because they were struggling to manage a global supply base while relying on a mostly tactical Procurement function.

Procurement’s Concerns

  • The organization’s strategic sourcing efforts were initiated and managed by Marketing and R&D.
  • With 90% of manufacturing operations located in China, Procurement was faced with poor visibility in a diluted supply base.
  • After opening a new facility in Mexico, the client identified gaps in their supplier identification and evaluation capabilities.

Help Desk Initiatives

  • Help Desk support enabled the client to source direct materials including corrugated packaging designs, custom gel inserts, and contract manufacturing services in both Mexico and the EU.
  • Support from the Help Desk made it possible for the client to establish a new supply chain in China with improved processes for vetting and on-boarding new vendors.
  • Source One’s Help Desk team conducted a thorough review of equipment costs, line configurations, and cycle times to develop an optimal supply chain automation strategy.
  • Leveraging a total cost of ownership comparison, the Help Desk team empowered the client to redefine their process for make vs. buy decision making.
  • The Help Desk team identified Chinese supplier capable of shipping to Mexico and conducted site visits and audits to verify dependability.


  • The client’s Procurement team increased their ROI by one and a half times.
  • Procurement enhanced visibility, optimized processes, and paved the way for continuous improvement across the supply chain.
  • Throughout the years-long engagement, the client realized category savings ranging from 11-75%.
  • Exploring 16 new markets, the client gained access to a supplier database including over 300 dependable providers.

This is just a sampling of what the Procurement Help Desk provided this client. To learn more about the engagement – and what the Help Desk could mean for you – check out Source One’s whitepaper on the topic. “Enabling the Business with On-Demand Supply Chain Support” provides a detailed overview of this uniquely excellent support model.

On-Demand Support Helps Procurement Reach its Full Potential

Source One’s Procurement Help Desk provides flexible support for the function’s strategic era.

Today’s Procurement and Supply Management professionals have a ton on their plates. Occupying a uniquely strategic position, they have to contend with the following headaches:

  • Fluctuating demand makes it difficult for Procurement to anticipate its workload and allocate resources accordingly.
  • The candidate-driven market makes it more challenging than ever to recruit and retain leading professionals.
  • The Procurement Technology landscape is constantly evolving. It’s not easy to navigate and all-too-easy to invest in mismatched toolsets.
  • To secure a seat at the executive table, Procurement has to position itself as a strategic adviser capable of guiding enterprise-wide initiatives.


In the old days, Procurement could rely on Business Process Outsourcing to meet its capability requirements. When managed correctly, BPO services are exactly what organizations need to realize a competitive advantage. As Procurement evolves and its role grows more strategic, however, this traditional model is increasingly ill-suited to its needs. Business Process Outsourcing is great for tactical processes, but Procurement cannot rely on off-shore or off-site providers for everything. The function is too deeply embedded, too critically important to sustain that.

So, where can Procurement and Supply Management teams find the appropriate level of support?  Introducing Source One’s Procurement Help Desk support model. This innovative approach to Procurement outsourcing provides clients with access to the leading consultancy’s full arsenal of Procurement and Spend Management resources and services including:


Better still, the Procurement Help Desk offers all of this for around the cost of a single Procurement hire. What are you waiting for? It doesn’t always make sense to devote time and resources to pursuing talent that might not work out. It almost never makes sense to rely on Business Process Outsourcing alone. Call the Procurement Help Desk today and provide your organization with exactly what it needs to deliver on its strategic objectives and realize greater value.

Equip My Team with On-Demand Procurement Support

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