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People are everything in Supply Chain Management. Source One knows this. That’s why our Staffing and Recruiting experts offer a full suite of services aimed at pairing Procurement groups with the talented hires they need.


Candidate Scorecarding Services for Procurement Groups

Applicant Assessment Services for Procurement

Source One’s Procurement staffing team offers Candidate Scorecarding services to help your organization identify world-class supply chain professionals and bring them aboard. 

Even in an era of cutting-edge technology and consistent innovation, people are Procurement’s most valuable resource. Making the right hiring decision is often the difference between enjoying next-level strategic value and suffering through inefficient processes and operations.

Our Procurement recruiting and staffing team knows how to identify a leading candidate. We’ll assist your Procurement hiring managers in developing candidate scorecards that measure against what really matters. Supported by our hands-on interview advisory services, your team will welcome aboard best-fit resources who’ll benefit company culture and provide for long-term value generation.

To develop our candidate scorecards, we’ll not only leverage our years of experience, but also interview key Procurement stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of . . .

Today’s highly strategic Procurement groups require a new caliber of professional. Identifying these world-class resources means changing up Procurement’s methods for attracting and assessing candidates. Candidate Scorecarding services from Source One are a great start. We’ll tailor your scorecarding criteria to serve Procurement’s evolving responsibilities and its unique role within your organization.

Whatever your staffing and recruiting needs, Source One’s candidate scorecards will make it easier to meet them. Reach out to collaborate with our experts today.

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