Identify Capability Gaps with a Procurement Talent Benchmark Assessment

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Our Procurement Talent Benchmarking Services Help You Find the Pieces You're Missing

Procurement Talent Assessment Support

Identify gaps and build a better organization with a Procurement Talent Benchmarking from Source One. 

You don’t know what you don’t know. Without a thorough assessment of your Procurement team and its capabilities, you can’t possibly know if skills gaps are holding you back. Source One’s Procurement Talent Benchmarking team knows what a world-class Procurement team looks like. We’ll embed ourselves within or organization and apply our deep knowledge of Procurement best practices to determine where you stand.

Procurement Talent Benchmarking

We know Procurement better than anyone. Here’s how we assess your team’s capabilities and lay the groundwork for a more effective, strategic approach Procurement function.

  • First, we interview executive stakeholders to assess your historical approach to procurement and talent management. This provides a sense of the function’s short and long-term goals as well as its position within the organization.
  • Next, we conduct additional interviews with Procurement resources at other levels. This gives us a sense of how they perceive talent management efforts and how supported they feel by Procurement’s leaders.
  • Then, we consult with other stakeholders and suppliers who interact with Procurement to learn how they perceive the function. Do they consider it a partner or an administrative nuisance?
  • We then apply our knowledge of industry and category-specific best practices to assess the maturity and efficacy of your Procurement team.
  • Then, we leverage the results of our Procurement Talent Benchmarking assessment to contrast your organization with its competitors as well as truly best-in-class organizations.
  • Once we’ve shared our results, we’ll work alongside Procurement to develop and execute upon a plan for building a better Procurement team.

Next Steps?

We won’t stop at pointing out your flaws or providing recommendations. Following our comprehensive benchmark assessment, we’ll work alongside Procurement to develop a plan for filling in skills gaps and building an optimal Procurement team.

Want to train Procurement on next-generation best practices? Source One will assist you in designing programs and training materials that will make an impact. Do you need to hire additional resources to fill in your skills gaps? Source One offers a full suite of supply chain staffing and recruiting resources to ensure you act upon the results of our Talent Benchmarking. Whether you’re looking for temporary contractors or a new CPO to steer your organization – we’ve got the knowledge and experience to support your talent needs.

Reach out today to learn more about our approach to Procurement Talent Benchmarking and our entire suite of staffing, recruiting, hiring, and talent management services. Even in a digital era, Procurement depends on its people. We’ll ensure you find people capable of transforming Procurement taking the entire business into a new era.

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