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BPO Advisory

Business Process Outsourcing Advisory Services

BPO Selection and Advisory ServicesMaking the decision to outsource a business function is not always an easy choice, but it is often the right one. However, finding the right company or companies to outsource your business processes to is a daunting task. Source One has the experience you need to choose the right outsourcing partner for your organization.

Let Source One be your guide to the complex world of business process outsourcing.

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Our outsourcing experts bring 20+ years of experience and in-depth knowledge about Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and consulting.

Our Outsourcing Advisory capabilities cover the entire outsourcing spectrum including:


There is no right answer when it comes to evaluating the possibility of outsourcing. However, every Source One engagement helps our clients navigate the complexity, risks and subtleties of this exploration so that the resulting sourcing strategy is built-to-suit. Scenarios indicating a potential need for our services are:

Regardless of whether you have a need for detailed expertise in a narrow topic within outsourcing or are considering a major, new program, Source One makes it our business to provide the support, collaboration and experience you can count on to ensure that each step of your journey delivers the maximum benefits.

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Seven Steps to BPO Success

Having an efficient, low cost operation is no longer something that provides companies with a competitive advantage; it has become something that is a requirement just to survive. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is used widely in just about every industry as a significant cost reducer. High growth companies also use BPO to quickly gain flexible capacity or access to hard-to-find skills. Regardless of the program’s goals, if the strategy is not implemented with great care, a BPO initiative may cause more headaches than it’s worth.

Request our BPO white paper “Seven Steps to BPO Success”. See some highlights below:

1. Alignment with Business Strategy & Executive Sponsorship

It is important to recognize your company’s market position as well as its future growth strategy and how this is defined by your core business functions. This intelligence will help you determine which functions can be outsourced and which should be delivered internally….

2. Process Screening, Selection, & Prioritization

Processes identified as potential outsourcing candidates should be screened to measure the standardization, centralization, and automation of the project as well as its current efficiency and stability. You may find, in this step, that it is more appropriate to re-engineer a process rather than outsource it….

3. Buyer Readiness

The availability of accurate historical work volume data as well as workflows and written procedures will help expedite your potential provider’s understanding of the process. Personnel time from subject-matter experts, IT personnel, and managers should be allocated….

4. Organizational Change Management

Organizational change is not easily accepted with regards to outsourcing. Your Human Resource department should be prepared to assist you and your executive sponsor with employee….

5. Selection of “Best Fit” Provider

Identify key criteria such as pricing, flexibility and scalability, security/data protection, financial stability, availability of complimentary services, and disaster recovery options…

6. Collaborative Capacity and Transition Planning

The more detail you communicate to your potential provider, the deeper the provider’s understanding…

7. Detailed Agreement That Aligns Priorities and Shares Risk

Key sections of your agreement should be include descriptions of service, pricing, metrics, performance standards, among many others. The pricing and compensation structure should align with your priorities….

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