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Supply Chain Candidate Placement

Procurement Recruiting, Staffing, and Candidate Placement Services

Check out details from Source One’s recent Candidate Placement engagement with a Fortune 500 insurance provider.

Our Supply Chain Candidate Placement services ensure your Procurement team has the talent it needs.

Procurement and Supply Chain Staffing Services

Add world-class resources to your team with Procurement Candidate Placement services from Source One’s supply chain recruiters. 

The most cutting-edge tools in the world can’t replace a team of dedicated Procurement professionals. Simply put, Procurement lives and dies by its people. Procurement technology might pave the way to savings, but it’s people who do the hard work of reducing costs, optimizing supplier relationships, improving processes, and driving innovation. Want to identify the right individuals to make Procurement a trusted business partner? Source One’s Procurement Candidate Placement specialists and our end-to-end supply chain-specific recruiting process are at your service.

Whatever your industry, whatever your strategic objectives, whatever Procurement’s current maturity – our Supply Chain Candidate Placement experts have the experience and insights you need to build a better Procurement team. Check out a selection of our Procurement Candidate Placement services.

Temporary Procurement Candidate Placement

Source One can quickly identify the temporary supply chain resource you need to supplement internal efforts and navigate through periods of high demand. Whether you’re looking for a few weeks of support or more than a year, Source One has access to a diverse pool of world-class candidates. We’ll place the resources you need to start building a more effective team and build the business case for more investments in Procurement.

Interim CPO Candidate Placement

Building a strong Procurement team means identifying a strong leader and empowering them to drive the business forward. Source One’s Supply Chain Candidate Placement team has access to a network of current and former CPOs who will take your organization to the next strategic level. With Interim CPO support, your organization will attract more buy-in for Procurement, refine its processes, and ultimately generate sustainable value.

Procurement Contractor Placement

Source One’s Candidate Placement team is connected to a world-class pool of supply chain contractors. Our experts will assist your organization in navigating the market, vetting candidates, and making best-fit staffing decisions. Regardless of your industry and strategic objectives, support from the Procurement staffing and recruiting specialists will take your company into a high-value future.

Permanent Supply Chain Candidate Placement

Identify the right candidate to supplement Procurement’s efforts for the long-term with help from Source One. We have access to a network of professionals capable of supporting Procurement teams in any industry and providing for strategic growth and innovation. Don’t go about staffing and recruiting on your own. Do it right the first time alongside Source One’s Candidate Placement team.

Source One does far more than identify promising Procurement candidates. Our end-to-end approach to Procurement staffing and recruiting covers each stage in the process. From candidate scorecarding to long-term talent management, trust the industry leaders to assist you. Reach out today to learn more about Procurement Candidate Placement and the rest of Source One’s service offering.


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