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Source One’s provides flexible fee options for our comprehensive procurement services. Our contingency based offer guarantee you’ll only pay for the hard-dollar savings we produce. With our help, you’ll reap the considerable benefits of our procurement expert consultation without the risks of upfront costs or resource consumption.

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Finding the right supplier doesn’t mean your work is done. Continued savings and success depend upon consistent management of all suppliers, vendors, and third parties across your supply chain. Source One’s Supplier Relationship Management consultants boast the experience and expertise necessary to drive consistent interaction and open communications between our clients and their providers. Our services will promote compliance, mitigate risk, and ensure long-term ROI.

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Customized RFP Design Services from Source One's Sourcing Events Experts

Source One Provides RFX Design Services for More Effective Sourcing Events

Trust Source One’s Procurement professionals to start your strategic sourcing initiative off right. Our strategic sourcing team can help you put your best foot forward towards cost reduction with our RFx Design Services.  

Now that you’ve assessed your spend, identified savings opportunities, and located promising alternate suppliers, it’s time for the most crucial aspect of any strategic sourcing initiative: Designing the document you will send to competing suppliers – the RFx. The RFx stage is your company’s first chance to exchange information with potential vendors.  Success during the RFx design process typically translates a smooth RFP administration process, resulting in cost savings and amicable supplier relationships down the road.

Whether it’s for a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), or Request for Quote (RFQ), every company and every spend category requires a specialized approach to RFx that meets unique requirements and achieve savings targets. Since 1992, Source One’s procurement experts have leveraged their strategic sourcing expertise, and wealth of real-time market data to ensure our clients not only partner with the best possible suppliers, but also establish strong supplier relationships, beginning at the RFx design phase. With decades of RFx administration experience, our strategic sourcing experts understand the importance of thorough RFx documentation, particularly when leading an RFP that requires a comprehensive capture of both price and quality insights. We’ll work with your Procurement team to develop an individualized sourcing strategy and RFP documents specific to the spend category of focus and customized to your requirements.

During the RFx design phase, our bid event management experts will work alongside your Procurement team to determine the best-fit approach to engaging suppliers. Source One will develop RFP documentation that highlights your company’s sourcing goals and supplier relationship expectations as well as captures the necessary cost and quality information to enable well-informed supplier selection decision. Depending on your organization’s unique strategic sourcing requirements, our procurement experts may recommend:

RFI (Request for Information): Commonly the first step in a strategic sourcing initiative, the RFI serves as a bridge between the research and sourcing phases. Conducted effectively, it should help personalize supplier relationships, expand your understanding of the marketplace, and lead to a more informed business decision. RFIs can be especially useful in unfamiliar spend categories. The experts at Source One boast the experience and expertise necessary to compose a detailed and effective RFI. We’ll ask the questions you need to get the answers you’re looking for.

RFP (Request for Proposal): A proper RFP lays the right foundation for getting better pricing on office supplies, more intuitive IT and Telecommunications for your organization, and the perfecting marketing agency for building your brand. RFPs not only provide the opportunity to assess prospective suppliers in more detail, but offer yet another chance for relationship building. Source One’s strategic sourcing experts will craft the right RFP that will not only communicate your company’s objectives but also present your company as the ideal customer for your preferred vendors. This means crafting an open-ended, detailed, and actionable document and maintaining close contact with suppliers throughout the entirety of the sourcing initiative.

RFQ (Request for Quote): While the RFQ might typically reserved for more tactical spend categories, such as those with consistent specifications and requirements industry-wide, low risk does not mean no risk. Source One addresses these purchases with the same alacrity and business acumen as any other. We know that finding the right supplier means more than finding the best price. Our strategic sourcing experts will help your Procurement team craft and RFQ that goes beyond pricing, but also assesses quality and other requirements.

It’s not always clear which step in the strategic sourcing process is the “next step” for your organization. Contact Source One’s bid event management experts for RFx design support and leverage top-of-the-line eSourcing tools to conduct sourcing events with confidence.

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