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The Strategic Sourcing Process

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Contingency-Based Strategic Sourcing

With Source One’s contingency-based cost reduction services,  you receive the reward without the risk. Unlike the other guys, the Source One team is invested in the success of your strategic sourcing projects. In addition to  identifying your areas of cost reduction opportunity, our strategic sourcing team is there each step of the way through implementation to ensure savings are fully realized.

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction

Customized Benchmarking Services

Don’t let a lack of information or market insight prevent you from establishing best-in-class agreements with your suppliers. With Source One’s customized benchmarking we’ll present you with a clear report of how your contending supplier compares to the market. Leveraging our robust database of proprietary market intelligence, we can deliver tailored benchmark reports for pricing, contract terms and conditions, and service levels across a variety of spend categories.

Benchmark Reports


Supplier RFx Response Scorecarding and Bid Evaluation Support Services from Source One

Supplier RFx Response Evaluation and Scorecarding Support from Source One

Source One’s supplier and bid evaluation experts can help your procurement team compile, validate, and evaluate supplier proposals, generating maximum value from strategic sourcing initiatives across a multitude of indirect spend and direct spend categories.

Organizing and evaluating supplier proposals comes with challenges unique to the complexity of the spend category, scope of the strategic sourcing initiative, and available procurement resources.  Supplier responses often deviate from RFx template design, present complex pricing structures, and integrate boilerplate sales verbiage that is time consuming to digest and not a true measure of overall supplier value.  Source One’s strategic sourcing experts will work closely with your stakeholders to understand the core requirements of a best-fit supplier to assign and apply evaluation criteria to support that vision.

Our strategic sourcing experts will develop weighing mechanisms, conduct proposal alignment and validation, and build a comprehensive scorecard that assesses both qualitative and quantitative capabilities of participating suppliers as they relate to the needs of the business.

Source One’s proven process for Supplier Scorecarding & Evaluation includes:

  • Leveraging our category experts to work closely with your stakeholders to gain an understanding of the goals of the initiative and the long term category vision
  • Developing an evaluation mechanism that places emphasis on the most critical areas of supplier capabilities and competency as they relate to your organization
  • Validating supplier proposals, identifying gaps, and conducting follow up conversations with each participant 
  • Aligning supplier pricing structures for direct comparison and uncovering any errors or omissions
  • Evaluating and scoring qualitative supplier responses 
  • Conducting a Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) analysis and highlighting areas for further negotiation
  • Developing a comprehensive summary dashboard of proposal results highlighting supplier strengths, weaknesses, and overall value


To take full advantage of a competitive bid and strategic sourcing initiative, accuracy and attention to detail during the evaluation process is critical. The results of a bid evaluation will aid in negotiation strategy development. Let Source One’s procurement experts maximize the results of your strategic sourcing initiative with our comprehensive supplier bid evaluation and scorecarding services.

Contact Source One’s team of strategic sourcing experts for supplier bid evaluation support to learn more.


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