Source One's IT experts can help your company right-size requirements and reduce costs for your Financial Systems

Accounting & Finance Software Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing & Cost Reduction for Accounting and Finance Platforms

Accounting & Finance Software Strategic Sourcing from Source One

Let Source One’s IT Strategic Sourcing Experts help your company reduce costs and implement the best-fit Accounting and Finance software solutions.

The Information Technology procurement experts at Source One understand the critical importance of every company’s Accounting and Financial platforms. These systems must house and display your organization’s most valuable data – your balances, your cash flow, your profits and loss, etc.  Your Accounting and Finance software must also fulfill the reporting needs of your internal and external stakeholders, and it must be able to link to a variety of other IT platforms to enable your business’ day-to-day operations.

Source One’s Accounting and Finance Software procurement experts also understand how companies in every industry face unique challenges and regulatory demands.  There is more pressure than ever to have automated reporting and transaction posting, direct import of bank transactions, and real time data. It has become a necessity to be able to collaborate globally without increasing supplier risk.  But without dynamic market intelligence and a scalable team of strategic sourcing and category subject matter experts, many companies struggle to implement a solid Accounting and Finance software solution without incurring heavy costs.

Source One can help. Our strategic sourcing experts can help to identify your accounting and finance IT-related requirements, match suppliers and solutions to your requirements, and provide visibility into the best pricing available in the market.

Our proven approach to Accounting and Finance Software System Strategic Sourcing includes:

  • Requirements Definition: Source One’s IT Cost Reduction experts will kick off our partnership by discussing and understanding your needs within your business and bridging the gap between current state vs. future goals. We will perform our due diligence by establishing a mindset around continual improvement and planning regarding any possible acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures within your business.
  • Spend Analysis and Planning: Bringing our unique market intelligence and experience in both Software Licensing and Managed Services, our Software Strategic Sourcing team will analyze your Accounting and Finance platform spend to find cost reduction opportunities. We do the heavy lift of collecting, cleansing, and classifying data to execute planning, budgeting, and reporting.
  • Negotiations: Source One’s Accounting Software Cost Reduction team can leverage its market intelligence to identify what is attainable in a negotiation with your incumbent supplier or any new suppliers from a pricing, terms and conditions, and service level perspective.
  • Strategic Sourcing & Benchmarking: Our Finance Software Procurement experts can help you test the marketplace by drafting and administering an RFI and/or RFP, completing a competitive analysis, assisting with negotiations, and supporting change management. Through this process we can help to assess and negotiate all aspects of implementing a new Accounting and Finance software solution from managed services, software licensing, hosting, customization and configuration, implementation services, and training.
  • Auditing: Once the new Accounting and Finance System is up and running, our IT Strategic Sourcing experts provide monthly independent assessments in order to ensure all pricing is correct and savings are being realized.

Let Source One’s Accounting and Finance System Strategic Sourcing experts help your business identify cost reduction opportunities and select the Accounting and Finance Software suppliers and solutions that best meet your needs. Contact our Accounting and Finance System Procurement team today.

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Software Solution Selection & Cost Reduction Expertise

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