Strategic Sourcing Help Desk Services

Strategic Sourcing Help Desk Services

Source One Optimizes your Help Desk Services through Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing Best-Fit Help Desk Service Providers

Source One delivers IT market intelligence and strategic sourcing expertise to organizations looking for the ideal help desk services providers.

Outsourcing help desk or service desk responsibilities to a third party is a big decision. Providers need to integrate into your organizational culture, develop familiarity with your enterprise and its hardware and applications, and use a variety of tools to manage tickets. Whether you are considering replacing your in-house help desk functions with a third party or replacing your existing outsourced provider, Source One can help.

Our strategic sourcing experts can guide you through developing a thorough scope of work, tracking all the hardware, software, services, and support functions, and defining key service level needs for each. We then help businesses find the optimal help desk services provider and negotiate best-in-class contracts to ensure that competitive rates and appropriate service level agreements are recognized. Additionally, Source One can assist with the planning and execution of change management should a new outsourcing event or replacement of a third party provider take place.

Our strategic sourcing experts can help you partner with the right suppliers for:

Desk-side Services: Deploying desk-side support resources across multiple locations

Hardware Depot Services: Asset storage and auditing of asset databases, focusing on the appropriate quantity, location, and lifecycle

Image Management: End-user script development and management, with attention towards systems management, and image failure resolution

Meeting Support: On-site resources for PC technical support and general meeting support/repair services

Compliance & Security: Protection of confidential information and facility securities through legally-sound means

Source One’s IT experts act as an extension of your company’s sourcing group, identifying help desk services providers who can address your unique technology requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

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