Strategic Sourcing Software Development

Strategic Sourcing Software Development

Strategic Sourcing for Software, Web, and App Development and Integration

Find the Best-Fit Software or App Developer and Integrator

Source One provides the resources and market intelligence you need to reduce costs and identify the best-fit software, web, or app developer and integrator.

Industry leaders recognize the necessary investment that is web and application development. They turn to Source One’s web and application development sourcing experts because we understand the creative and technical aspects of development projects, and can help you source and select the ideal web or app developer.

With Source One’s help, your development projects will avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Unrealistic development schedules
  • Understaffing
  • Overstaffing
  • Using the wrong metrics
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of alignment across department priorities
  • Over-engineering process

Source One’s web and application development and integration sourcing experts ensure you rely on a backbone of strategy, design, and talent to get the optimal user experience for all your audiences. With huge amounts of traffic and varied platforms, it is essential to develop a website or mobile app that is both compatible with devices and effective in messaging your organization’s products and vision. Our sourcing experts will get you there.

Source One will help you manage communication between the business departments and development firms to ensure that all requirements are captured and the end vision is clearly articulated with a concrete roadmap. We have experience working with clients in identifying development firms who are able to offer the following solutions:

  • Innovative mobile applications ranging from complex designs to a simple user interface
  • User-friendly webpages to ensure your webpage continues to capture attention
  • Business application redesign to drive internal user adoption
  • Application integrations to keep your business running smoothly

Our web and app development and integration sourcing experts will guide you through critical activities in the development lifecycle. We’ll help define the requirements expected of a software, web, and app developer and integrator such as platform experience, quality assurance and testing best processes, architecture and strategy expertise, and certifications including CMMI and ISO 9000. We’ll identify software and app developers and integrators who can build propriety software, customized mobile apps, and update your legacy software. We’ll benchmark to ensure proper comparison of pricing and service levels, and negotiate the contracts accordingly. With our help, you’ll build a strategy that gets you the best service at the right cost.

Grow your digital presence sustainably. Contact our softare, web, and app development and integration sourcing experts today.

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