Source One's IT category experts help companies find innovative ways to reduce costs without compromising quality in Software procurement.

Strategic Sourcing Software Licensing

Strategic Sourcing and Cost Reduction for Software Licensing & Maintenance

strategic Sourcing Software Licensing and Maintenance Solutions

Source One’s IT strategic sourcing experts can help identify your software licensing and maintenance needs, match software suppliers and solutions to your requirements, and provide visibility into the best software pricing available in the market.

Source One’s Software Cost Reduction team understands the complexities and challenges of the software licensing and maintenance environment. Software suppliers continually change their licensing models, increase maintenance costs annually, and discontinue support in favor of new the releases, resulting in excessive costs for your organization. Source One’s Software procurement team provides the expertise to proactively mitigate or avoid these challenges, and recommend strategies to reduce spend and better manage your software portfolio.

We’ll evaluate your internal information about current users and usage against your business requirements and growth plans, and formulate ways to right-size your software license inventory. We will even negotiate optimal software licensing and maintenance agreements on your behalf, and help implement, track, and enforce compliance with your selected software solutions. Count on Source One’s decades of experience to help you gain visibility across your contracts and licenses and establish a no-fail strategy for managing acquisition, support, and renewal.

Our Software Licensing and Maintenance Strategic Sourcing Services include:

  • Spend Analysis: Source One will collect and cleanse spend data to create visibility, identify opportunities for cost reduction, and prioritize contract renegotiation and sourcing projects.
  • Benchmarking: We provide custom benchmark reporting to measure your software licensing and maintenance costs against the contract of your peers and competitors.
  • Strategic Sourcing: Source One will rationalize existing software licensing and maintenance spend, looking for efficiencies wherever possible, and negotiate competitive renewals on your behalf. We can also take existing and new requirements to market by building a requirements document representative of your needs, developing and managing the RFP process, and negotiating agreements with the supplier you select.

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