Strategic Sourcing Video Conferencing

Strategic Sourcing Video Conferencing

Strategic Sourcing for Video Conferencing Services

Strategic Sourcing Services for Video Conferencing Solutions

Source One will identify and negotiate ideal video conference solution providers, helping your organization save time and money and increase productivity.

Remote collaboration in the past was limited to telephonic and screen share methods, but today more and more organizations are embracing video collaboration and benefiting from interactions that are more personal. Video collaboration solutions help your organization improve communications, but only if you can properly manage the costs associated with acquiring, maintaining, supporting, and renewing the service. Source One applies strategic sourcing techniques to your video conferencing spend and help you find the best services at the right price.

Source One’s video conferencing sourcing experts know the key criteria your video conferencing solution must demonstrate:

Our video conferencing sourcing experts will adapt to your needs, whether you’re seeking small or large-scale solutions. Perhaps you only need online meetings with options for video conferencing and screen sharing. Maybe you’d like to conduct webinars and training sessions, or manage your technical support process. Maybe you need to integrate multiple end-user systems to hold worldwide meetings. We can help you find the right providers and services no matter what your videoconferencing needs.

With over 20 years of experience, Source One’s video conferencing sourcing experts will guide you through identifying your requirements, analyzing your spend, benchmarking against similar customers, solutions, and services, developing your go-to market strategy, overseeing the sourcing process, and contracting and negotiation. Count on our video conferencing sourcing experts to:

  • Provide you the knowledge to make the most strategic purchases
  • Understand the marketplace and competitive pricing
  • Identify and pinpoint the best suppliers for your exact needs
  • Utilize expert negotiators to get the best pricing possible

Contact Source One’s video conferencing sourcing experts today to start on the path to better spend management.

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