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Agency Search Services

Our Marketing Agency Search and Review team builds world-class relationships.

Agency Search and Review Services from Source One

Select an advertising agency that will boost your brand, engage your audience, and reward your investments.

Choosing an advertising agency is no small feat. In an evolving landscape, even seasoned Marketing professionals can find the process challenging. Whether your organization is looking into the agency landscape for the first time, or hoping to review a long-term relationship, a helping hand can go a long way.

Source One’s Marketing procurement experts understand how daunting the agency selection and review processes can be. They’ve spent years helping organizations like yours determine their needs, navigate the vast agency landscape, engage with promising providers, and ultimately establish agency relationships that are built to last.

Why Source One?

Armed with decades of insight and experience, Source One’s Marketing experts aren’t your average consultants. They understand the value that Marketing and Advertising agencies bring when they’re treated as strategic partners. What’s more, they’ve long excelled at bridging the gaps between Marketing and other units. Working alongside stakeholders at each step of the way, they ensure the value of Marketing’s efforts and agency relationships is understood.

Source One is so passionate about optimizing the Agency Search and Review process that they developed a unique solution for organizations who might struggle with it. The Marketing Infrastructure Network Diagram (MIND) solution was designed to help companies determine whether or not their current partner network can support Marketing’s needs. Provided with full visibility into their agency networks, these organizations can either work to align with incumbents or begin developing a plan for identifying new partners.

Not every organization has a partner network to assess, but those who do will benefit greatly from trusting MIND throughout the process.

Agency Search Services

Once you’ve assessed your current agency network, it’s time to begin the search for new Marketing agencies to support your company’s objectives.

  • Working directly with Marketing’s stakeholders, Source One develops a scope of work outlining service requirements, expectations, and other valuable information to guide your agency search efforts.
  • Based on these requirements, Source One enters the Marketing agency landscape to identify qualified partners and conduct preliminary vetting.
  • If necessary, Source One oversees the RFP administration process to gain further insights into each agency’s unique capabilities.
  • Facilitating the pitch process, Source One will assist Marketing in assessing bids and ultimately awarding business.
  • Once selections are made, Source One’s contracting team will provide for agreements that guarantee competitive pricing and additional value-adding incentives.
  • Finally, Source One will provide hands-on support throughout the agency on-boarding process to ensure a smooth transition.


Every organization’s needs are unique, but no organization can afford to take the Agency Search and Review process lightly. With services tailored to your team’s unique needs, Source One’s Marketing sourcing specialists make it easy to select best-fit partners and deliver on Marketing’s goals.


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