Strategic Sourcing Trade Show & Exhibit Management

Trade Show & Exhibit Management Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing the Right Partners to Elevate Your Trade Show Brand Experience

Strategic Sourcing Services for Marketing Trade Show Exhibit Management

Source One can help you identify a partner that understands the trade show landscape and the needs of your brand to deliver creative solutions worth the investment.

As a marketer, you may host and/or attend various types of events throughout the year to market your brand and interface with your customer. Regardless of the event, be it a trade show, press conference, product launch, or VIP party, there is always a great deal of planning and production required. For trade shows, that planning also includes managing the creation and execution of any exhibits or creative assets, as well as ensuring your display area has the materials and equipment needed.  You need to ensure these elements are up to your brand standards, delivered and installed in a timely manner, managed throughout the event, and then properly dismantled and stored for future use.

Source One recognizes the various elements that apply to a successful trade show event, and we can ensure that your agency partner(s) execute each element while remaining within budget. Whether you are looking for an end-to-end trade show management provider for an event you are hosting, or an exhibit fabrication shop for a show you are attending, Source One has the expertise to help marketing professionals navigate the agency landscape and identify a partner to support their needs, including:

Source One can help you identify and partner with a supplier that has core competencies across the following disciplines:


Our marketing sourcing professionals understand the role trade show exhibits play in the brand experience at events.
Source One’s proven process for sourcing trade show exhibit services incorporates the following steps:

  • Understand your Marketing organization’s event schedule and specific requirements as they relate to events throughout a given year.
  • Collect specifications for existing and future asset builds to conduct a needs analysis on inventory of existing assets to understand what can be removed from storage or refurbished for future use.
  • Establish a clear scope of work, including upcoming event schedule, pre-planning services, production service and materials needs, installation & dismantling service requirements, and ongoing service such as inventory management.
  • Identify potential trade show agency partners able to meet scope requirements, provide high quality products and services, and deliver value-added services.
  • Execute a Request for Proposal (RFP) based on scope of work to qualify agency partners.
  • Establish a transparent compensation structure outlining hourly rates, markups on materials, transportation, and other expenses.
  • Implement contract and ensure service levels and overall client expectations are met.


Source One will help identify trade show management services providers that not only provide innovative brand experience solutions, but also meet your needs for pre-planning, onsite labor, materials and equipment, and inventory management, while providing cost transparency to drive overall process improvements and maintain the quality of service needed to execute the event. By leveraging our market intelligence, Source One can help identify budget optimization and cost avoidance opportunities and establish a best-in-class agreement with a partner that meets your trade show service needs.

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