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SD-WAN Strategic Sourcing & Cost Reduction

SD-WAN Cost Reduction Services

SD-WAN Cost Reduction Services from Source One

Source One’s Telecom Strategic Sourcing experts help companies understand their network requirements, reduce costs, and improve performance in the SD-WAN spend category.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and Software-Defined Network (SDN) are the future of network connectivity solutions, enhancing or replacing most or all of many enterprises’ MPLS networks. Ultimately, SD-WAN helps to ensure that bandwidth is optimally utilized so companies can get the most for their Telecom spend. Best-in-class corporations using SD-WAN are realizing substantial cost savings through optimization, having better access to cloud-based services and realizing better performance, control and redundancy from their wide area networks.

Source One’s Telecom and IT strategic sourcing experts have a long and successful history of navigating the telecom market and supporting clients through changes in technology and network architecture. Source One’s service portfolio supporting SD-WAN includes:

  • Current State Assessment: Source One’s SD-WAN data collection and baseline processes will offer a full view of current network services, by carrier, service type, service element, location and account. This baseline acts as a foundation for future requirement building and wide area network planning.
  • Requirements Definition: After developing the current state assessment, Source One will work with IT/Telecom stakeholders in their network design and requirements definition process by supporting utilization review, identifying changes to bandwidth requirements, exploring potential network architecture changes, and developing strategies to maximize agility to fulfill business requirements while addressing pain points and risks within the current network. With real time market intelligence providing clear visibility into the technology and pricing available in the market, Source One will work with your team to optimize your network in alignment with or beyond your requirements at the lowest possible cost.
  • Sourcing Strategy & Execution Source One’s SD-WAN Strategic Sourcing team will develop a comprehensive RFP to evaluate solutions that meet network requirements while also providing flexibility and cost reduction. Based on your company’s ability and willingness to make changes within the network, the RFP will review potential models considering if the complete network will be changed over in a short amount of time or how a hybrid solution can be leveraged for piloting, and transitioning more slowly. Following the RFP, a comparative assessment of the proposals will be composed and presented to the IT/Telecom team to support decision-making, followed by Source One leading negotiations based on our extensive benchmark data along with change management support during implementation.

SD-WAN is unique as solutions are offered by not only the large carriers and hardware manufacturers but also the smaller, emerging players – all while mergers and acquisitions seem to be occurring each week. Each SD-WAN supplier has their own approach, and no “one size fits all” model exists.  Source One’s IT strategic sourcing experts will help you navigate the SD-WAN marketplace and select and implement the right SD-WAN solution for your business.

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SD-WAN Category Expertise

Source One’s IT & Telecom Strategic Sourcing experts have deep knowledge of the technology landscape. Our IT & Telecom cost reduction experts are in the marketplace every day, keeping up with the latest technology trends and how they impact Procurement, and leveraging our IT & Telecom benchmark data to track service offerings and associated pricing changes.


Software Defined Networking is the foundation upon which carriers are able to provide SD-WAN service offerings, via Network Function Virtualization (NFV).


Multiprotocol Label Switching is a network protocol that enables enterprise customers to connect any or all of their sites with one another in a fully meshed configuration. It also allows customers to prioritize traffic to ensure optimal performance of applications, including voice and video over the network.

Source One’s SD-WAN Strategic Sourcing experts understand that there is a sensitive balance between retaining incumbent providers and building a new SD-WAN strategy, as well as the up-front cost sensitivities on changing/adding to infrastructure in the network. Regardless of your situation, whether you are committed to your incumbent SD-WAN supplier, or want to explore the SD-WAN marketplace, our cost reduction team will adapt based on your interests and provide the information, analysis, and insight you need to arrive at a confident decision about the future of your network.

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