Strategic Sourcing Technology Transformation

Strategic Sourcing Technology Transformation

Strategic Sourcing and Technology Transformation Services for IT & Telecommunications

Technology Transformation Services for IT and Telecom

Source One’s IT and telecommunications strategic sourcing services encompass a variety of value-add activities that can support a client’s technology transformation and telecom transformation objectives. The results of these technology transformation activities can produce significant improvements to business processes, simplify management processes, and reduce costs while integrating IT and Telecommunications within the business and facilitating its ability to driving business strategy.

Technology Transformation Within IT

Collaboration between Strategic Sourcing and IT groups optimizes the value that both of these departments deliver to business operations and strategy. At Source One, we guide our clients toward taking a collaborative approach to strategic sourcing, and our strategic sourcing team works with their resources to review their current processes and practices in order to assess and, if need be, refine them. This assessment and refinement includes:

Technology Transformation Within Telecommunications

Within the telecommunications domain, our telecom strategic sourcing team provides clear and concise data and recommendations to our clients so that they may make informed decisions about the future of their voice and data networks, including their wireless inventory and plans. Once established within their organization, Source One helps clients make decisions about the best suppliers and services to meet their current and future requirements, including providing recommendations for technology adoption and telecom modernization. This includes:

Source One’s holistic approach to IT and telecommunications strategic sourcing and technology transformation allows our technology sourcing team to capture short-term wins for our clients while making the necessary changes that will result in long-term and sustainable impacts.

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IT & Telecom Expertise

Source One has more than two decades of experience performing a complex suite of strategic sourcing, cost reduction, and optimization services within the IT and telecommunications categories. These services include: