Wireless Optimization

Wireless Optimization

Wireless Optimization

Wireless Optimization Services

Source One’s Wireless Optimization services help companies gain visibility into, and reduce cost on, wireless services without having to conduct RFPs or negotiate new agreements. The wireless optimization process begins with our telecom sourcing analysts performing a comprehensive review of a company’s current wireless carrier contracts, plans, and usage over a set time period. This wireless telecom analysis determines the company’s wireless telecommunications baseline spend, and helps develop account usage profiles for each line and user.

With a full understanding of the current state of an organization’s wireless telecom operations, our wireless telecom sourcing team will compare the service and usage trends to offerings from each incumbent wireless service supplier – offerings that can include grandfathered plans that may not be presented or marketed by the carrier, but can be made available upon request. By leveraging our robust database of historical wireless contracts, plans, and pricing along with our real-time market intelligence resulting from frequent and ongoing wireless optimization and wireless management initiatives for other clients, Source One’s wireless telecommunications sourcing analysts can help clients realize savings quickly within their wireless category, with no interruption to service. Savings is achieved by using one or all of the following wireless telecom optimization solutions:

Rightsizing Plans

By sorting users into groups, profiles, or buckets based on their usage of wireless minutes, text messages, and data, the best plan for each group can be determined – ensuring that overage charges are minimized without paying for more service than is being used. The best plan for a group can range from the most appropriate individual plan being assigned to each user, or a pooled/shared minutes plan often employed for those users that do not make many calls.

Validating Discounts

Source One will ensure that any discounts for volume or other metrics are being applied to the client’s wireless invoices per the terms of the agreement.

Negotiating Promotions

Often, our wireless telecom team can leverage free device upgrades or waived early termination fees (ETFs) during negotiations that occur over the course of a wireless telecom optimization project.

Negotiating Custom Plans

Sometimes a client’s needs may be so specialized that no standard wireless rate plan from a wireless telecommunications carrier is sufficient or suitable. Based on the account profile, usage needs, and any other client variables (including international requirements), Source One’s wireless telecom team can leverage our holistic knowledge of the wireless telecommunications market to negotiate and secure a custom wireless plan for the client from the carrier.

Anticipatory Adjustments

Wireless Optimization is not a one-time, fix-and-forget process. Source One’s wireless telecom team proactively manages an organization’s wireless telecommunications spend and can make rate plan adjustments for predicted changes like those resulting from seasonality, travel, or project-driven usage.

Inventory Validation

Our wireless telecom projects begin with a comprehensive of an organization’s wireless equipment, users, and services. Periodically, Source One’s wireless telecommunications team will validate this inventory and verify that every service and line billed is assigned to a valid user.

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Case Study

Manufacturer Finds Savings Through Wireless Optimization

The client was a technology manufacturer and government contractor, and had dedicated resources for the management and optimization of its telecom networks, including wireless.

Source One’s telecom sourcing team was asked to review the wireless category and identify any additional savings opportunities. After collecting all wireless invoicing data and performing a baseline analysis of the manufacturer’s existing wireless spend, our telecom sourcing team leveraged our proprietary market intelligence to benchmark the pricing against the market and identify additional opportunities. Our telecom sourcing team reviewed and adjusted wireless user groups and their members, and identified alternate plans – including pooled-usage, unadvertised, and grandfathered plans that were not known to the manufacturer’s wireless team. Our wireless sourcing team then negotiated with the carriers to leverage the client’s volume of service for additional discounts, including lower device replacement costs and a reduction in the cost of account disconnects and terminations.

The manufacturing client realized a wireless savings of more than $250,000 annually beyond what its own telecom resources could secure, thanks to the efforts of Source One’s wireless optimization services.

Telecom Spend Management Solutions

Source One’s suite of telecommunications sourcing, cost reduction, and optimization services includes: