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GPO Marketplace

Support for Procurement and Supply Chain Groups

Our GPO Marketplace is just one of the ways we support organizations in optimizing Procurement’s effectiveness. Check out other selections from our comprehensive service offering. For decades, we’ve empowered organizations like yours to reach the next level. Could you be next?

Procurement Staffing and Recruiting

Even in a digitally-powered era, Procurement lives and dies by its people. Our Procurement Staffing and Recruiting team recognizes this. That’s why we offer a suite of services designed to help you identify and hire the right resources. Whether you’re looking for part-time support or a new CPO to steer Procurement into the future, we’re here to pair you with the best possible fit.

Procurement Staffing Support

Procurement Transformation

Procurement is capable of so much more than making purchases. Our Procurement Transformation service offering is designed to help your team realize its full potential and enter a new generation. From incremental changes to sweeping overhauls, we’re prepared to optimize every aspect of your Procurement team’s operations.

Procurement Transformation Advisory

Cost Reduction Services

Sometimes your organization is just looking to drive savings in key categories. Through decades of cost reduction engagements, our team has driven savings in just about every spend category you can imagine. We even offer a contingency-based support model that guarantee risk-free, hard dollar savings.

Cost Reduction Support 

Guided Catalog Buying Through Source One's GPO Marketplace

GPO Marketplace and Pre-Approved Catalogs

Our GPO Marketplace provides an intuitive eCommerce platform and pre-negotiated contracts to your internal Procurement team.

Procurement’s job is inherently complicated, but many organizations have made it far more complicated than it needs to be. Complicated (or non-existent) purchasing portals leave buyers with little choice but to make off-contract purchases and settle for agreements that leave value on the table.  Our GPO Marketplace eliminates these headaches and empowers your team with an intuitive, search engine experience and eCommerce experience. It’s the perfect solution to optimize Procurement’s performance and relationships with the supply base.

With our GPO Marketplace, you’ll never have to worry whether or not suppliers are capable of meeting your needs. You’ll never have to wonder whether you’re getting the best possible price either. Our cutting-edge, user-friendly solution gives you instant peace of mind and instant ROI.

GPO Marketplace Features

Catalog management is easier than ever with our GPO Marketplace. Check out a sampling of the features our guided buying solution offers.

  • Pre-populated catalogs for products in categories like MRO and office supplies.
  • An easy-to-navigate interface that requires no additional training
  • Punch-out catalog management and support from the Source One team.
  • Excel templates to make importing additional items simple
  • Built-in supplier collaboration tools for real-time catalog updates.
  • Easy integration for new suppliers.
  • Configuration to ensure end users can access the precise catalogs they need.


Benefits For Your Procurement Team

Source One’s GPO Marketplace doesn’t just eliminate obstacles – it paves the way for an optimal approach to purchasing. Here’s just some of benefits you’ll realize when you select our guided buying solution.

  • A simplified, streamlined purchasing process.
  • Seamless access to internal and external punch-outs.
  • Reduced maverick spend.
  • Round-the-clock security and configuration support.
  • Instant upgrades and updates.


Start Using Our GPO Marketplace Today

Want to boost security, eliminate maverick spend, and arrive at better deals? Reach out today to learn more about our GPO Marketplace. Your entire organization will thank you for making it easier than ever to connect with dependable suppliers and secure the right pricing.

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