Guided Buying with Source One's Pre-Populated Catalogs and Pre-Approved Deals

Guided Buying

Procurement and Supply Chain Support Services

Our Guided Buying Marketplace is just one of the ways we support businesses in optimizing their approach to Procurement. Check out a some additional information on our comprehensive service offering. For decades, we’ve empowered organizations like yours to build and maintain more effective Procurement teams. Could your organization be the next?

Procurement Staffing and Recruiting

Even in a tech-empowered era, Procurement relies on people. Source One’s Procurement staffing support team recognizes this. That’s why we offer a full suite of services to help you identify, recruit, and hire the resources you need. Whether you’re looking for temporary resources for periods of high demand or a new Procurement executive to steer you into the future, we’re here to help you find the right fit.

Procurement Staffing Services

Procurement Transformation

Source One’s Procurement Transformation Advisory services are designed to help organizations like yours recognize their full potential and bring the Procurement function into a new era. From incremental changes to sweeping overhauls, we’re equipped to optimize every component of Procurement’s approach.

Procurement Transformation Advisory Services

Cost Reduction Services

Whatever your industry, whatever your essential spend categories, Source One has the cost reduction expertise to help you drive sustainable savings. We even offer a contingency-based payment model to ensure you generate risk-free, hard dollar savings.

Cost Reduction Support 

Guided Buying Platforms for Procurement Teams

Guided Buying for Procurement Teams

Get better deals and build more sustainable partnerships with our Guided Buying marketplace. 

Our Guided Buying platform streamlines the Procurement process and makes life easier for your internal team. Bringing you together with pre-approved suppliers, it makes the purchasing process as simple as making a few clicks.  In addition to eliminating maverick purchasing, the Source One approach to Guided Buying arms you with an intuitive resource for getting the best possible deals with the best possible vendors.

Leveraging our Guided Buying platform means never having to worry about whether suppliers are capable of meeting your or offering a best-in-class price. This user-friendly, cutting-edge solution gives you peace of mind, a quick ROI, and the flexibility to sustain effective Procurement operations well into the future.

Benefits of Guided Buying

Our Guided Buying platform doesn’t just eliminate obstacles. It gives your Procurement department everything it needs to optimize its approach to purchasing and elevate Procurement’s influence. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll realize from Day 1:

  • A streamlined, risk-free purchasing process.
  • Access to internal and external punch-out catalogs.
  • Reduced off-contract and maverick purchasing.
  • Security and configuration support from Source One.
  • Instant upgrades and updates.


Features of our Guided Buying Platform

There’s no sense in replacing a complicated purchasing process with an equally complicated tool. Our Guided Buying platform offers features that both simplify and optimize Procurement’s day-to-day to ensure you never leave value on the table or settle for ‘good enough.’

  • Pre-populated catalogs for essential spend categories.
  • A user-friendly interface that requires no additional training.
  • The user experience of both a search engine and an eCommerce platform.
  • Punch-out catalog management and maintenance from Source One’s experts.
  • Templates to simplify additional uploads and updates.
  • Built-in tools for collaborating with suppliers.
  • Configuration to ensure each Procurement resources have the appropriate level of access.


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Improve your vendor relationships, realize cost reduction, and take a weight of Procurement’s shoulders with access to our Guided Buying Platform. Everyone across your Procurement function will thank for making it simpler than ever to make purchases and establish partnerships.

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