The Procurement Leaders at Source One Give Back

Corporate Social Responsibility in Strategic Sourcing

The Strategic Sourcing and Procurement experts at Source One strive to serve their community and promote ethical sourcing.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Source One

As Strategic Sourcing leaders, Source One strives to make not only make a difference in the procurement operations of our clients, but also in our local communities through our corporate social responsibility efforts. 

Source One’s Strategic Sourcing specialists are committed to more than cost savings. We love helping our clients reduce costs and optimize their Procurement, but we’re always looking for other ways to make a difference. Our Procurement team is committed to making the world a better place for our employees, our clients, and community.

Procurement Leaders Give Back to their Local Community 

Calling home to Chicago and Philadelphia, the procurement and sourcing team at Source One support their local communities through a variety of give-back events and activities. Throughout the year, the strategic sourcing consulting team gather to lend their skills and talents to further the missions of area non-profits – including on-site activities at their facilities and hosting drives and events at our offices.

As a procurement consulting firm, team work and collaboration are core to our success in delivering spend management results for our clients.  Community give-back activities are a prime way for not only fostering camaraderie as a procurement team, but allow our experts to make an impact in the lives of others.

Recent CSR initiatives include:


Delivering Sustainability Through Strategic Sourcing:

Source One’s Procurement team empowers clients to make ethical, sustainable, environmentally-conscious purchasing decisions. While organizations generally consider sustainability a priority, many Procurement groups are discouraged by the misconception that responsible procurement means costly procurement. Our consultants pride themselves on providing sustainable supply chain solutions that reduce costs while promoting the sort of green purchasing practices that make the world a better place. For their efforts, Source One is continually recognized by supply industry publications.

Recent sustainable Procurement engagements include:


Whether you’re a non-profit looking for a helping hand or a Procurement professional looking to lend a hand alongside industry leaders, contact Source One today.

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Procurement Leaders Volunteer Together

Source One’s experts consider social responsibility an important part of their work as Procurement professionals. They look to encourage ethical sourcing practices and regularly team up to support charitable organizations throughout the Philadelphia and Chicago areas.

“Our team considers it essential to give back to the community that’s helped us thrive for so many years. Volunteering enables us to say thanks while building the sense of teamwork that sets our internal culture apart.”

–  VP of Professional Services

“Source One isn’t just the leader in Strategic Sourcing. We also take the lead in extending our efforts to serve the community and make the world a better place”

– Strategic Sourcing Analyst

“I personally think of social responsibility as part of Source One’s service offering. It’s important to me that we distinguish ourselves as excellent citizens as well as excellent procurement professionals. I’m happy to know that my colleagues feel the same way.”

– Procurement Consultant

“Source One’s volunteer efforts have provided some of the most rewarding experiences of my career in Procurement. Serving the community alongside my friends and colleagues ranks among my proudest professional achievements.”

– Strategic Sourcing Consultant

“I always enjoy the opportunity to participate in Source One’s community service initiatives. Many of our Procurement consultants bring their families along, and it builds the sense that Source One is a kind of family.”

– Procurement Analyst

“Source One’s commitment to social responsibility makes for a great internal culture. Our team brings the same enthusiasm and energy to volunteering as they do to sourcing initiatives. It’s infectious.”

– Associate Director

 “I love working alongside Procurement professionals who share my values. I’m an animal lover, and Source One’s commitment to serving anti-cruelty organizations helps make it such a great place to work.”

– Strategic Sourcing Analyst