Source One Sponsors Executive-Level Procurement Conference

11/1 – Procurement Leaders Sponsor Executive Innovation Conference

The Spend Management Experts are Sponsoring the 2018 CPO Rising Summit

Source One Sponsors CPO Rising


Willow Grove, PA (November 1, 2018) – On November 7th, Source One’s spend management leaders will join an elite group of Procurement executives at the CPO Rising Summit. The two-day event will bring dozens of forward-thinking CPOs to Boston and feature keynote presentations from some of Supply Management’s preeminent thought leaders. In addition to attending, Source One will serve as sponsors for the annual networking event.

With this year’s agenda focused on “The Age of Intelligence”, Source One’s Procurement Transformation experts look forward to joining the conversation around the best practices and solutions propelling supply management organizations into more strategic, agile business units.

“There’s no disputing that Procurement’s digital transformation is on its way,” says Anthony Mignogna. “However, many organizations lack a clear understanding of what that even means, let alone how it practically applies to their Procurement teams.” As the Practice Lead for Source One’s Procurement Technology Advisory offering, Mignogna is responsible for helping enterprises invest in the right-fit tools and procurement technology suites to enable business goals. He continues. “CPO Rising presents a rare opportunity for Procurement’s leaders and innovators to exchange insights into the challenges and solutions their companies face, as well absorb fresh perspectives from their peers.”

Though digital transformation remains a pivotal focus for leading procurement organizations, many struggle to stay up to speed with the latest procurement software as the marketplace continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Recognizing the excitement and overwhelm for procurement professionals, Source One’s procurement technology advisory experts aim to meet that challenge head on by helping supply management teams identify and implement right-fit software solutions to support their objectives.  Members of the consulting team look forward to bringing their observations and insight to CPO Rising, to offer their perspective on how companies can cost-effectively invest in tool sets that match their procurement needs.

Technology and digital disruption will also figure into the discussions at the ProcureCon Marketing Conference. November 11th, Source One’s Marketing Procurement team will travel to San Diego to take part in peer-led networking event. Featuring an impressive roster of speakers, the three-day conference aims to provide attendees with the insights they need to bridge the gap between business units and distinguish Procurement and as a strategic value generator.

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