New Chicago Beginnings

It’s no secret that Source One has been welcoming some recent expansion, both in client base, office reach, and now event attendance. As of July 1st, Source One opened a second office in downtown Chicago, Illinois and plans to attend Corporate United’s Synergy 2014 conference.

The SYNERGY 2014 was designed to provide the tools and insights to help teams overcome age-old challenges and lay the foundation for the procurement of tomorrow through the “Four Ps of Procurement”:  People, Priorities, Progress and Promotion. As thought leaders in the procurement and strategic sourcing space, Source One is attending with the goal of learning about diverse needs of the market and ways to optimize work based around those items.

Bill Dorn, Source One VP of Operations, plans to attend and looks forward to growing ties within the Chicago community as he spearheads the new office’s operations. Dorn states, “I look forward to Synergy, the opportunity to network within the industry, and the chance to learn different pain points companies are experiencing in their operations. This allows me to brainstorm ways to approach these challenges with new ideas to drive improvement.”

As Source One, the industry, and general business climates continually shift, Synergy strives to approach the issues procurement executives and practitioners believe remain key areas worthy of attention. Whether it’s a lack of category knowledge, inability to achieve buy-in, or difficulty creating more value from supplier relationships, the challenges consistently remain the same. A main emphasis of the conference is that innovative solutions are the cure for advancing through these unchanging problems.

As sponsors of the event, Source One stands by this emphasis on the need for innovation and distinct market intelligence in order to overcome procurement obstacles. With a talented workforce dedicated to delivering value to clients, Source One believes there will be enhanced success in engagements from learning new strategies from the conference. While becoming accustomed to a new area, Synergy will also serve as a good way to develop connections and learn how our services can support the Chicago market further.

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