Source One Dispels Procurement Transformation Myths in its Latest Whitepaper

9/16 – Debunking Procurement Transformation Myths

Source One Separates Procurement Transformation Facts from Fiction in New Whitepaper

Separating Fact from Fiction in Procurement Transformation


Willow Grove, PA (September 16, 2019) – Throughout their decades of client engagements, Source One’s Procurement Transformation team has  empowered clients in a range of industries to make the function a trusted business adviser. Oftentimes, this means addressing misconceptions and working to help Procurement recognize its own strategic potential. They examine some of the most popular misconceptions in their latest whitepaper. Busting Procurement Transformation Myths, separates fact from fiction in an attempt to change the conversation around this ever-popular topic.

“Transformation is often a scary word,” says Source One Director Jennifer Ulrich. As the Spend Management firm’s Procurement Transformation lead, she has seen numerous companies talk themselves out of potentially game-changing initiatives. She continues, “To many, the term sounds like a complete overhaul that’ll exhaust their resources and alienate their stakeholders. I hope our latest publication will encourage them to see things differently. Approached strategically, Transformation helps Procurement distinguish itself as an asset and finally earn a seat at the executive table.”

Organizations often assume that Procurement Transformation will only benefit their Procurement teams. “That conclusion is especially dangerous,” Ulrich remarks, “in organizations where Procurement has struggled to engage with other stakeholders.” She contends that each unit within an organization will benefit when Procurement is armed with the right resources and empowered to pursue more strategic initiatives.

Source One’s spend management experts will discuss the power of transformed Procurement at the Procurious Big Ideas Summit on September 18th. In a presentation titled Procurement Can . . . , Director Diego De la Garza will detail high-impact engagements from his time with Source One. Read Source One’s thought leadership blog, the Strategic Sourceror, for additional insights every day.

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Addressing Procurement Transformation Myths
Source One shoots down Procurement Transformation myths in its latest whitepaper. Download it today to change the Procurement conversation within your organization.
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