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The Experts in Green Procurement Win Awards

Spend Management Leaders Win Green Supply Chain Award

Source One’s expert consultants are advocates for the benefit of sustainable supply chain management. Their efforts to promote responsible practices have once again earned them Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s Green Supply Chain Award. The honor recognizes Source One’s recent engagement with a financial institution. By assisting the client in going to market for armored services provider, Source One’s team not only reduced their costs but significantly cut down on their carbon footprint.

Procurement Leaders Share their Predictions

Looking Ahead to Supply Management in 2019

In what’s become an annual tradition, Source One’s team has published their predictions for the upcoming year in Supply Management. In Procurement in 2019 the leaders in Supply Chain consulting reflect on a turbulent year and share their thoughts on a number of emerging trends. This year’s topics of discussion include Procurement’s ever-present talent gap, the considerable value of soft skills, and the increasing importance of supply chain visibility. What’s next for Supply Chain Management? Download to find out.


Tracking and Reporting on Ethics Data

Supply Chain Ethics: An Important (and Under-Reported) KPI

Consumers, particularly millennials and members of Generation Z, are increasingly concerned with the ethics and morals of their preferred brands. Most companies have recognized that responsibility matters, but a shocking few are actually tracking and reporting on ethics KPIs. While internal audits are common, only 4% of organizations maintain a system for conducting comprehensive risk analyses. Hopefully, this an issue that organizations will address in 2019.

Thinking Outside the Box to Change Procurement

Disrupting Procurement: Achieving Landmark Success by Rethinking the Game

Though he hesitates such a cliched phrase, Source One’s Brian Seipel encourages organizations to think “outside the box” in this blog. In particular, he focuses on emerging strategies within the gas cylinder category. He focuses on the advent of carbon reclamation technologies. While not brand new, these tools have just recently become viable for small breweries. In addition to reducing costs, they ensure organizations gain access to high-quality gas.


The Fashion Industry Commits to a Sustainable Supply Chain

Can the Fashion Industry Fight Climate Change?

Often a lightning rod for controversy, the fashion industry recently took big steps toward promoting responsible practices.  More than forty leading organizations including Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Adidas are teaming up with the United Nations to address climate change head-on. Among their ambitious charter’s goals are a the elimination of coal-fired power by 2025 and a completely emission-free industry by 2050. They intend to hit the ground running in 2019.

Defining Green Procurement

Sustainable Sourcing: An Overview

For leading organizations, behaving responsibly and promoting sustainable practices is no longer an option. Thanks to evolving consumer demands and the conversation around issues like climate change, sustainable sourcing is now regarded as a necessity. In this blog, Brian Seipel offers a working definition for ‘green Procurement’ and offers suggestions to organizations looking to kick off responsible initiatives. Crucially, he suggests that sustainability is not inherently costly.

What's Next for Data and Analytics in Procurement?

Data and Analytics: 4 Trends to Watch in 2019

Data analytics was an exceedingly hot topic for Procurement professionals throughout 2018. Source One’s data science experts do not expect this to change in the new year. Ari Markowitz examines some of the trends that should define analytics throughout 2019.  He suggests, for example, that Chief Date Officers will prove increasingly popular as organizations look to formalize their strategy around data and analytics. He also expects data science to grow increasingly democratized.


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