Source One's Cost Reduction & Procurement Transformation Experts support sustainable PE portfolio growth

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Private Equity Portfolio Strategic Sourcing, Cost Reduction, & Procurement Transformation

Source One Private Equity Cost Reduction & Strategic Sourcing

Source One’s proven category management principles and flexible team of procurement experts help Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies reduce costs and improve operating margins.

Perhaps more than other types of companies, those in the Private Equity and Venture Capital spaces are under enormous pressure to increase valuation and EBITDA. As the savvy business professional knows, a dollar saved in Procurement has more bottom line impact than a dollar of sales – and that’s why Procurement and Strategic Sourcing organizations in Private Equity are often the first business units to be targeted.

But most Procurement and Strategic Sourcing teams are already lean and fully burdened – and reducing costs while also trying to meet customer demands, rationalize suppliers and services during M&A, or prepare for IPO creates a challenging situation. That’s where Source One’s private equity cost reduction experts can help.

With our extensive strategic sourcing and category management expertise, Source One provides Private Equity portfolio companies with the advisory support and strategic sourcing execution services to reduce costs, enhance Procurement’s performance, facilitate a Procurement Transformation, and deliver more value to the business:

Advisory Services


Strategic Sourcing Services


All these services are delivered by Source One’s diverse, flexible team of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement experts. Private equity companies and their subsidiaries routinely realize the following benefits from Source One’s strategic sourcing services:

  • 3x or more ROI
  • Significantly decreased OPEX spending and increase in operational output
  • Increased market competitiveness
  • Access to innovation

Join Source One’s roster of industry-leading clients – and realize more value from Procurement across the Private Equity portfolio with Source One’s specialized category management solutions.


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On-Demand Procurement and Strategic Sourcing for PE Firms

Source One’s flexible, responsive staffing model and team of cross-industry, cross-category experts provide Private Equity firms with various on-demand strategic sourcing and procurement advisory services, such as:

  • As new companies are acquired, Source One can perform Spend Analytics to identify cost reduction projects as well as opportunities to consolidate suppliers across companies
  • Across the portfolio, Source One can help develop a Co-Op or Group Purchasing Organization program for specific common spend categories
  • Source One can provide ad hoc advisory services as new sourcing requirements arise within portfolio companies

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction

Since 1992, Source One has offered procurement and sourcing organizations a completely risk-free cost reduction solution. We pioneered the model, and while other companies have tried to provide their clients with an equally risk-free way to reduce costs, none has succeeded. Our proven strategic sourcing process, practiced category managers, and proprietary databases allow us to sustainably reduce costs in every category for any kind of company.  Our contingency-based cost reduction services are based on no upfront fees – only a percentage of the hard-dollar, realized savings.

Risk-Free Cost Reduction

Interim Chief Procurement Officer

A great organization has a great leader, and Procurement and Strategic Sourcing is no exception. But various scenarios around company culture, growth strategy, and operating models sometimes leave Procurement and Strategic Sourcing without a center-led governance model and a strong Procurement leader. Source One’s Interim CPO solution is the answer. With our decades of cross-industry experience and our extensive network of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing executives, Source One can provide the temporary support your organization needs to turn things around.

Interim CPO Solution