A Telecom Service for Every Need

One of the most common categories clients request Source One’s assistance with is telecom. Many organizations are finding the continuous change in technology and service requirements, and the constant shift of services that were previously deemed “nice to have” now becoming “must haves” in order to competitively run the business, are draining their telecom operations budgets. Additionally, the resources required to manage these adaptations take a toll on the staffing of a department that is better-suited working on strategic initiatives for the organization. In light of this, I wanted to take a minute to highlight two service offerings that have proven to deliver great value to our clients: Telecom Optimization services and Telecom Lifecycle Management.

Telecom Optimization

In its simplest form, telecom optimization is the “rightsizing” of a company’s telecom operations to its individual needs. Optimization helps companies reduce costs, improve operations, and simplify management within the telecom category, usually without disruptive changes in technology or suppliers. For a company that is happy with the service quality offered by a carrier, or is in the middle of a contract term, the ability to find savings and make improvements without transitioning away is invaluable.

Once we have compiled a detailed inventory a client’s telecom services, we look for savings opportunities by validating that all services and features are in use and understanding the usage profile for each service type, disconnecting unused services, consolidating usage, matching consumption, and minimizing any overage fees while eliminating any wastage. Our optimization service also includes routing voice and data traffic to the least-cost services, and moving services under the most advantageous of the existing agreements.

Within the wireless segment of a telecom spend, optimization can go further. While we still look for advantageous agreements and unused services and lines, we can also pool users by their needs – grouping low-usage segments onto zero minute or pooled usage plans, and high usage segments to appropriate plans – often bringing users onto plans and packages their carrier reps do not know about, or do not market, but that our market intelligence informs us exists. Additionally, we can leverage the volume of users against the carrier to secure discounts, credits, free equipment, increased termination flexibility, and custom plans for unique needs.

Think of optimization as a tailored shirt as opposed to off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all offerings.

Telecom Lifecycle Management

Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM) is a suite of services that offloads much of the day-to-day management activities of a traditional telecom group to our own specialized resources, providing simplified management, higher service levels, better spend visibility, and cost savings to the category while freeing up client telecom resources to pursue more strategic initiatives.

Under TLM, we manage the carrier relationships for companies and keep an eye on contract expiration dates while also negotiating favorable agreements with any new contracts. We also oversee and manage any new service orders, changes, and disconnects – ensuring these matters are handled quickly, effectively, and effortlessly. Additionally, we provide a first-level help desk – working with users to troubleshoot any issues, and providing a warm handoff to carrier or device tech support if further service is necessary.

Both Optimization and TLM serve as complementary services to our larger strategic sourcing offering. When all our telecom services are combined, the results are one of the most effective telecom management packages in the market. All provided through unbiased, vendor-neutral options and work that performed by telecom subject matter experts.

Just as the market grows and the telecom category matures, Source One will continue to offer the tailored solutions organizations need to stay ahead of the curve. If you would like more information about what we can do to aid in your company’s telecom needs, please feel free to contact me at dpastore@sourceoneinc.com.

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