Spend Management Leaders Discuss ISM2019's Agenda in New Podcast Series

2/8 – New Podcast Series: ISM2019 Trends and Topics

Source One Announces New Podcast Series - ISM2019: Trends and Topics

Discussing Supply Management Trends in Anticipation of ISM2019


Willow Grove, PA (February 8, 2019) – Source One,  the industry-recognized leader in spend management,  is launching a new podcast series titled ISM2019: Trends and Topics.  Intended as a precursor to the Institute for Supply Management’s Annual Conference, the series will see Source One’s Procurement optimization team reflect on the subject that should dominate the conference’s discussions.

Taking place in Houston, Texas from April 7-10, ISM2019 will bring thousands of Procurement, Supply Management, and Sourcing professionals together to network, absorb thought leadership, and share their insights. In addition to experts from countless industries, the event welcomes former Hewlett Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina and former Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen as keynote speakers.

For the fourth year in a row, Source One will attend the premier Supply Chain conference as the sole sponsors of the ExecIn Forum. “ExecIn,” remarks VP of Operations, William Dorn, “is a private event designed to bring Supply Management’s most forward-thinking executives together. The past three editions have seen attendees discuss the challenges facing their supply chains and exchange creative solutions. We hope for this podcast series to kick-start some of those conversations between now and April.”

Source One plans to release an episode each week until ISM2019 begins. Be sure to check in every Friday for more insightful and engaging discussions:

  • Using Data the Right Way – More and more, Procurement is obsessed with collecting data. Unfortunately, the function is not so obsessed with presenting compelling reports. In the first episode of ISM2019: Trends and Topics, Spend Analysis Lead Brian Seipel encourages Procurement to think about its data differently. Instead of delivering reports ‘just because,’ they should make an effort to consider why a report is valuable and how it can help them better serve their stakeholders.
  • The Problem With Gartner’s Magic Quadrants – Procurement is eager to realize a digital transformation. So eager, in fact, that professionals often rush into things and wind up wasting time and effort on initiatives that go nowhere. In many cases, they’re staking their false hope on what they’ve learned from a Gartner Magic Quadrant. In this episode of ISM2019: Trends and Topics, Senior Analyst Benjamin Duffy describes some of the GMQ’s shortcomings and outlines a more strategic path for technology selection.
  • Procurement Needs a New Kind of Leader – Jan Griffiths, the Founder of Gravitas Detroit and this year’s ExecIn moderator, joins the Source One Podcast for a two-part discussion. In this week’s episode, she describes her transition from the automotive Procurement space to the world of leadership coaching.
  • The Value of Human Skills – Jan Griffiths returns to the Source One Podcast to offer her thoughts on the value of trust, transparency, and vulnerability in leadership. When a leader is vulnerable, she suggests, they show their teams that its okay to fail. Free from fear, they’ll realize greater results and prove more innovative.
  • Balancing IQ and EQ in Supply Management – Source One Consultant Kaitlyn Krigbaum recently earned a spot on ISM’s 30 Under 30 list of Supply Chain Rising Stars. On the latest episode of the Podcast, she discusses her unique professional journey, shares the advice that’s helped her succeed, and calls for a balance of hard skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Becoming a Supply Chain Rising Star – Source One’s team earned not one, but two spots on the 30 Under 30 list this year. On this week’s episode, award-winning consultant Elizabeth Skipor describes the transition from practitioner to consultant and offers advice to the next generation of Supply Chain professionals.
  • Getting Serious About Soft Skills – Director Jennifer Ulrich joins the podcast to add her insights to the conversation around the value of hard and soft skills. She’s reluctant to suggest that every Procurement professional needs to call on a blend of both, but she makes it clear that organizations can no longer afford to ignore skills like strategic negotiations and emotional intelligence.
  • Empowering the Next Generation in Procurement – Jan Griffiths joins the Podcast once again to advocate for a new approach to leadership. This time around, she’s joined by Charlotte de Brabandt. Charlotte is last year’s winner of the ISM Megawatt Rising Star award and a member of the organization’s thought leadership council. Together, they encourage organizations to foster cross-generational partnerships and provide a greater level of flexibility.

Waiting on the next episode? Why not reacquaint yourself with last year’s hot Procurement topics and check out ISM2018 Session Insights. That series looked ahead to ISM’s Annual Conference with discussions around Amazon’s hunt for a second headquarters, the challenges of retaining leading talent, and more.

Supply Chain executives are invited to express their interest in the ExecIn Forum. Additionally, all ISM2019 attendees are encouraged to visit Booth #438 to meet Source One’s team and discuss their approach to elevating Procurement.

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