Managing Indirect Spend – Contributors’ Thoughts

In the following comments, the contributors to the book Managing Indirect Spend share their thoughts on what insights and skills they hope readers will gain from reading the book.
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The greatest benefit offered to our readers through this strategic sourcing handbook is a step-by-step guideline for identifying the quickest path to hard dollar savings and best-in-class agreements.  Managing indirect spend can, at times, be overcomplicated. The firsthand experience shared by the authors simplifies this task and offers creative approaches to the hurdles often encountered when sourcing various products and services.  My hope is that our readers are able to apply the authors’ best practices within their own organizations in order to achieve their goals, realize results, and further develop their strategic sourcing expertise.

Kathleen Daly

Managing Indirect Spend enables supply chain professionals at all career levels to gain a practical understanding of how strategic sourcing best practices apply to the often-overlooked realm of indirect spend.  Readers looking to gain a basic understanding of strategic sourcing principles stand to benefit greatly from
this book, which speaks to the book’s approachability.  At the same time, the many complexities of indirect spend are broken down on a category level so that even seasoned sourcing professionals can meaningfully enrich their skillset. Organizations of all sizes, complexities, and across all industries will find this book to be a versatile roadmap toward achieving cost savings.

Scott Decker

Some of the most valuable tools in strategic sourcing are derived from understanding and improving on what your organization’s peers and competitors are doing – what discounts, pricing, services levels they are getting, and how they are managing their operations, specifically their buying processes.  But that sort of knowledge is nearly impossible to obtain.  This book takes that idea one step further and delves into details on the ideas, processes and strategies employed by consultants who have spent the last 20 years developing methodologies to help their clients – your peers and competitors – achieve more savings faster.  I hope that the experience and insight provided by the book helps guide its readers around pitfalls and roadblocks toward efficient, optimal and most importantly, sustainable results.

David Pastore

I think the best knowledge is brought about from experience, and this book demonstrates that at the most basic level.  Readers will benefit from the assortment of experience levels from which the collective information was derived.  I would like readers to be able to connect with the material and apply it to their everyday tasks so that the manner in which they perform them is improved in some way. Hopefully readers will realize that there are valuable opportunities at their fingertips and that they just need to tap into the right resources to access them.

Jen Ulrich

I liked the part where we wrote about sourcing.  I think others might too.

William Dorn

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