The Marketing Infrastructure and Network Diagram Solution Makes Marketing Procurement Simple

11/13 – Marketing Procurement Experts Introduce Agency Management Solution

Source One's Marketing Budget Optimization Team Helps Organizations Drive Brand Value with the MIND Solution

Agency Budget Optimization Services


Willow Grove, PA (November 13, 2018) – Source One’s Marketing Procurement experts have once again leveraged their agency assessment expertise to answer Marketing’s prevailing concerns. Their new Marketing Infrastructure and Network Diagram solution (MIND) provides organizations the visibility they need to ensure they can align their long-term goals and strategies even when Marketing’s budget is inconsistent or unpredictable.

MIND augments the standard spend analysis process with a Marketing-specific solution.  Taking into account the category’s unique qualities, the process allows Source One’s Marketing Sourcing Consultants to conduct an in-depth analysis of the Marketing landscape and provide clients with the insights they need to drive efficiency across their agency relationships.

Historically, organizations have established a dichotomy between Marketing and Procurement. Labeling Marketing spend ‘off limits,’ they have made it challenging for the units to collaborate and deliver on savings opportunities. Source One’s budget optimization team has continually worked to bridge this gap. They recognize the importance of collaborating directly with Marketing Stakeholders to ensure the organization can carry out strategic sourcing initiatives in the long-term. By demonstrating a complete understanding of Marketing’s investment goals and outlining each agency’s role in the department’s overarching strategy, the MIND agency assessment solution provides for a sustainable alliance between Marketing and Procurement.

“We believe in approaching Marketing as an investment, rather than a simple cost center” says Megan Connell, a Senior Marketing Consultant at Source One. “We look to increase agency value through agency relationship management and budget optimization efforts that maximize Marketing’s ROI. Our clients are very satisfied with MIND’s customizable approach, and the guide it creates for addressing both low and high-complexity initiatives.”

Source One continues to attract interest in its Marketing Infrastructure and Network Diagram solution from organizations looking to develop future-state strategies and allocate their budgets. By aligning Procurement and Marketing’s goals, working to understand Marketing’s objectives, and facilitating execution, Source One has once again demonstrated why it is a trusted adviser in the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing space.

The leaders in Marketing Procurement look forward to networking with other forward-thinking professionals at ProcureCon Marketing this week.

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