Procurement Survey Results Whitepapers

Procurement Survey Results

Procurement State Of The Industry Survey Series

Source One conducted its Procurement State of the Industry survey in the latter part of 2012 to fill a gap in formal research into the procurement and strategic sourcing functions. This four-part series covers resource limitations, the skillsets necessary for procurement personnel, the ideal organizational structure, and how procurement collaborates cross-functionally.

Companies Face Limited Procurement Resources
Every organization has experienced the classic “Do more with less” imperative. Procurement is no exception – in fact, Procurement knows this better than most organizations. Learn more in our Procurement Staffing Whitepaper.

The Roles of Education & Experience in Procurement
Do staffing practices in procurement put more stock into what other jobs you’ve had, or what school you attended?  Find out the truth in our Education & Experience Whitepaper.

Department Size In Relation To Organization Size  
What’s the correlation between company size and the size of Procurement?  Is it positive or inverse? If the company is large, is the Procurement department also large?  Well, it depends. Learn more in our Procurement Department Size Whitepaper.

Departmental Visibility & Perception of Procurement:
How does Procurement fit-in with the rest of the company? Is Procurement a friend, foe, or somewhere in between? Find out in our Perception of Procurement Whitepaper.

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