Trends and Predictions for the Future of Procurement and Supply Management

Procurement 2020

Procurement Predictions and Thought Leadership

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Procurement 2020 Predictions

Trends and Predictions for Procurement in 2020

The Source-to-Pay experts reflect on the past decade and share their predictions for the future of Procurement and Supply Chain Management. 

Complexity and risk have always been a daily reality for Procurement professionals. As a new decade begins, there are more risks and complications than ever. The trade war, extreme weather, geopolitical unrest – it all means a host of challenges and opportunities for Procurement groups. Now’s the time for leading Procurement groups to distinguish themselves as indispensable business partners and begin guiding the entire organization.

A New Decade for Procurement

In Procurement 2020, Corcentric’s Source-to-Pay team takes a closer look at the trends that have defined the last decade as well as the topics that will define the 2020s.

  • Ethical sourcing and its benefits for recruitment, talent development, customer satisfaction, and retention
  • The evolving conversation around sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • The benefits of purpose-driven Procurement and Supply Chain Management.
  • Insights for driving visibility and taking a more proactive approach to risk management.
  • The ongoing battle for world-class professionals and the struggle to close Procurement’s numerous talent gaps.


That’s just a small sample of the topics discussed in this thought-provoking publication. Check it out before developing your Procurement and Strategic Sourcing plans for the year ahead. You’ll enter engagements with more confidence, make more informed decisions, and reap all the benefits of a more proactive outlook.  Click the button below to read the full document. Want to learn more about the future of Procurement? Contact our Source-to-Pay leaders to begin planning for Procurement 2020 and beyond.

Procurement in 2020

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