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Whitepapers and eBooks are just one of the ways Source One share its Spend Management and Procurement thought leadership. The industry-recognized experts share insights, tips, and best practices across a range of outlets. Throughout their decades of experience, they’ve shared insights on every aspect of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management.

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Source One’s Procurement and Spend Management experts share insights every day on the Strategic Sourceror. Providing case studies, category insights, and countless best practices, they’ve empowered professionals with actionable insights for more than a decade.

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Procurement Podcast

Listen to conversations with Source One’s Procurement specialists on their podcast. On a bi-weekly basis, experts from the industry-leading team sit down with one another to discuss topics including Procurement Transformation, Category Management, and more.

Supply Management Podcast 

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Procurement and Supply Management Thought Leadership

Download whitepapers and eBooks from Source One’s Procurement thought leadership team. 

Source One’s spend management consultants are committed to elevating the Procurement function and driving the discussion around it. That’s why they’re committed to publishing their insights as well as insights from industry peers. They’ve built a library of Procurement thought leadership over the years covering topics like Procurement Transformation, Contract Lifecycle Management, and the value of bringing Procurement and IT units together.

Source One’s collection of whitepapers and eBooks offers Procurement thought leadership to new professionals and Supply Management veterans alike. Check out some recent Examples.

Procurement Thought Leadership from Source One

Download some of Source One’s thought leadership today. Their tips, best practices, and years worth of insights could help take your organization and its Procurement function to the next strategic level.

End-to-End Guide for Establishing a Procurement Team of the Future

Building an Effective Procurement Organization

This five-part thought leadership eBook takes a deep dive into each facet of Procurement. Addressing everything from talent management to Procurement technology, it communicates the breadth and depth of Procurement’s strategic role. Whether you’re looking for tips on measuring Procurement’s performance or a step-by-step guide to implementing a new solution, the comprehensive guide has insights to ensure your team evolves and adapts.

Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives

Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives

For this five-part Procurement thought leadership series, Source One’s spend management experts teamed up with other authorities from across their industry. Examining Procurement Transformation from a variety of angles, they provide Procurement thought leadership for professionals at every stage in their career and organizations at every maturity level.

Source One Releases New Whitepaper: 5 Pro Tips for Impactful Procurement

Procurement Pro Tips 

Over their decades of game-changing initiatives, Source One’s Procurement leaders have internalized countless insights and best practices. In this insightful whitepaper, Source One empowers readers to earn buy-in for Procurement and make it a strategic value generator capable of serving the entire business.


MRO Spend Management Demystified


MRO Demystified

Effectively managing MRO spend and supplier relationships means contending with a diverse range of products and a disparate supply base. Throughout MRO Demystified, Source One’s Procurement thought leaders offer tips for refining your organization’s approach and generating cost savings and efficiency in the long-term.

A Case Study in Source One's Procurement Help Desk Model

Enabling the Business with On-Demand Supply Chain Support

Typical support models are no longer sufficient to meet Procurement’s strategic needs. That’s why Source One introduced its unique Procurement Help Desk model. Providing on-demand access to an arsenal or Procurement resources and thought leadership, it empowers next-generation results. Source One’s team provides a case study in its efficacy and versatility

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