Source One Separates Fact from Fiction in Their New Procurement Transformation Whitepaper

What is Procurement Transformation?

Procurement Transformation Thought Leadership

Source One’s Procurement and Spend Management consultants regularly share their years of insights and best practices with industry professionals. For decades, they’ve helped drive the conversation around topics like Procurement Transformation and armed companies with the know-how to elevate the function. Check out some of the highlights from their library of Procurement thought leadership.

Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives

Procurement Transformation is a topic that means something different to every organization. In the spirit of diverse perspectives, Source One welcomed nearly a dozen thought leaders to provide their unique take on the subject. Throughout the five-part series, these experts look at everything from the history of Procurement Transformation to the immense value of metrics and reporting.

Procurement Transformation Insights

Building an Effective Procurement Organization

Source One knows what a world-class Procurement function looks like. In this whitepaper series, they offer a step-by-step guide for building and maintaining one. Addressing Procurement’s people, processes, tools, and relevant metrics – it provides a comprehensive overview of world-class Procurement. Check out all five parts to learn more about you can see the big picture and build a Procurement function worth advocating for.

End-to-End Guide for Establishing a Procurement Team of the Future

Supply Chain Experts Bust Procurement Transformation Myths and Offer Tips for Success

Moving Past Misconceptions in Procurement Transformation

The experts in Procurement Transformation dispel common myths and offer strategic guidance in their latest whitepaper. 

Transformation is often a scary word. It suggests a complete overhaul, a metamorphosis, an entirely new rule book. That’s why so many Procurement groups hesitate to embark on Procurement Transformations. Fearing failure, they let themselves settle for less. Instead of building a function capable of driving more savings, spearheading more innovation, and building better partnerships – they occupy a purely tactical role.

Why Do Procurement Transformations Fail?

  • Organizations are afraid of change.
  • Internal stakeholders doubt that Procurement is worth the effort.
  • Executives fear they can’t afford to carry out a transformation.
  • Businesses lack the resources and expertise to execute.


Source One believes in the power of transformed Procurement. That’s why we’re committed to helping organizations move past misconceptions and realize their full potential.  They’ve even written a whitepaper aimed at separating Procurement Transformation facts from fiction.

Busting Procurement Transformation Myths

Drawing from years of successful client engagements, Source One’s Procurement thought leaders address the misconceptions that keep organizations from pursuing transformation. Transformation, they suggest, is not just for failing businesses. Even thriving businesses can benefit from investing in Procurement’s evolution. They also note that Procurement is just one of the business units affected by transformations. An optimal Procurement function makes it possible to transform every other business and drive the organization into an exciting, strategic future.

Throughout the Busting Procurement Transformation Myths, Source One’s spend management thought leaders provide an actionable definition of Procurement Transformation. More importantly, they address everything Procurement Transformation is not. It’s not an exercise in staff reduction or an excuse for Procurement to forward its own agenda. It’s also not a quick fix. Procurement Transformation, they contend, is an ongoing process of continuous improvement by which Procurement matures into a valued business partner.

Read the full whitepaper today to learn more about what Procurement Transformation really means.

Addressing Procurement Transformation Myths

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