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The Power of Paradigm Shifts

by Alex Howerton, Business Development Manager, Source One This month's excerpt from the book Managing Indirect Spend identifies organizational politics as a potential hurdle to overcome in developing an improved spend sys...

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Managing Indirect Spend Book Excerpt – Part I: Implementing Process Changes Despite Office Politics

The following article is excerpted from the book Managing Indirect Spend, by Joe Payne and William R. Dorn, Jr. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  Release date: 19 October 2011. Click here to order from ...

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Cleaning Up Your Vendor Master File: A Step By Step Approach

By Richard B. Lanza and Dean Brooks, Cash Recovery Partners, LLC Any business that uses outside vendors or independent contractors needs to make sure that accurate records are kept -- and kept up to date. Problems in the v...

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If you make deals or negotiations – you may find this interesting

"When you're negotiating, direction counts more than accuracy" It's been nearly 25 years since an abrasive New York real estate developer named Donald Trump initiated his first 15 minutes of fame with a self-promoting trea...

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Republican and Democratic plans to curb Medicare costs share a common trait — looming financial challenges for hospitals

Republican and Democratic policymakers recently announced vastly different proposals to change the way Medicare is financed.  But either approach is likely to place an even more onerous burden on already struggling hospital...

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State Unemployment Taxes – A costly drain on your operating budget?

The recent economic turmoil brought a wide array of major challenges to American businesses. During the height of the "Great Recession," massive layoffs and cutbacks nearly devastated America's workforce. Today, as the Ame...

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Source One Execs Speak to Mexican Conference on Developing New Business Opportunities

Even before the recent earthquake-related turmoil in Japan, more and more U.S. companies have been looking for near-shore alternatives to help offset potential disruptions to their global supply chains. Increasingly, the s...

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Recent upheavals in Japan, Mideast, China highlight risks to global supply chains

Recent pictures emanating from Japan have demonstrated a clarity not often found in our nightly news programs. The initial destruction caused by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that rocked Northeastern Japan, followed by a deva...

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In the uncertain wake of healthcare reform, company CEOs need to do what they can to “heal thyself”

Originally published in the February 2011 issue. Nearly a full year after federal health reform legislation passed Congress and was signed into law by President Obama, the controversies - and the court fights - continue to...

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Reality Check: Are you sure you know what you think you know?

Originally published in the February 2011 issue In the lead-up to the nation's last most significant financial calamity, the Great Depression, legendary American humorist and homespun philosopher Will Rogers had this to sa...

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Insights and Sourcery: Savings Trends – Office Supplies

Originally published in the January 2011 issue When it comes to savings on office supplies, it seems that the new rule is the sky is the limit! Over the last few months we have had the opportunity to help many customers re...

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