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Talk of the Town: Our Hottest Blogs

  This quarter, we’ve seen our Strategic Sourceror blog views skyrocket on these trending, cutting-edge topics. How Can US Manufacturing Gain Momentum in 2015? There is a huge gap between what different parties be...

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Staffing Problems – Resolved

It’s a common thought that since the economy has bounced back after the recession, jobs previously put off-limits are being filled. According to an online survey conducted to understand hiring trends in the US, this is not ...

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Defining the Strategic Side of Medical Device Sourcing

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) programs have recently presented overwhelming evidence of their potential for a notable return on investment. Companies leading in SRM best practices see an average of 20x return on inve...

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Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

When procurement and diverse departments join forces, both parties benefit by taking advantage of each other’s strengths. At the ISM Philadelphia Chapter January 2015 Dinner, Source One’s Kathleen Jordan and David Pastore...

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An Evolving Procurement Mindset

  As sourcing and supply chain roles are shifting from tactical to strategic, there is a need for procurement functions to have clearly defined roles—and the CPO seat is certainly not excluded from the rule. During ...

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Let’s Talk about Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier relationship management, or SRM as it is more commonly called, is the practice of proactively managing suppliers and gaining value from those relationships well beyond the contract signature. SRM is a great way to in...

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Procurement & Sourcing Predictions for 2015

The new year is quickly approaching, and businesses across the globe are finalizing their 2015 plans if they haven’t done so already. From new technologies to better processes and collaboration, there are already whispers o...

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Supplier Benchmarking Benefits

Source One has released its latest white paper, Attain Best in Class Status and A Competitive Advantage through Cross-Industry Benchmarking. This report allows readers to gain insight into the road to strategic advancement th...

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Green and Sustainable Supply Chains

Supply & Demand Chain Executive has recognized Source One with the Green Supply Chain Award for the third consecutive year. This award recognizes providers that assists their customers in achieving measurable sustainabili...

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Driving Collaboration Between IT and Procurement

This week, Source One hosted the second presentation in our webinar series. Driving Collaboration Between IT and Procurement was presented by Source One Director - David Pastore and Liaison Technologies Director - Jim Cantre...

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Adding Procurement Value to Marketing Spend

Source One Marketing and Advertising Benchmarking

Next Level Purchasing Association, a procurement training association, has recently launched a new course on managing marketing spend. This course was developed in conjunction with Source One, sharing some insights from our m...

Read More Continues to Innovate, Providing Free E-Sourcing Solutions

Just last week, Source One announced that its free e-sourcing tool,, has recently expanded its capabilities. The most robust update gives buyers the means to create multi-line item RFP or reverse auction events ...

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