Source One's New Whitepaper Series Offers Tips for Building a World-Class Procurement Team

4/12 – New Guide to Building a World-Class Procurement Organization

'Building an Effective Procurement Organization' Presents Tips for Optimizing Every Pillar of Procurement

Optimize Procurement with Source One's New Whitepaper Series


Willow Grove, PA (April 12, 2019) – Source One’s Procurement Transformation specialists offer tips and best practices for optimizing the function in their latest whitepaper series: Building an Effective Procurement Organization. The five-part guidebook will examine Procurement’s numerous pillars in detail to provide actionable strategies for realizing a holistic transformation.

The first installment of Building an Effective Procurement Organization provides strategies for optimizing the function’s approach to its people.

“Maintaining an effective Procurement team,” says VP of Professional Services Joseph Payne, “is about much more than hiring and training. More and more, approaching talent effectively means developing an organization-wide purpose and communicating it consistently. The next generation of supply management professionals needs to know that their work has meaning. They should never have reason to doubt the role they play in serving the organization’s mission. The first section in this series looks at operating models, training programs, and more, but I think its most useful insights deal with purpose.”

Source One will publish additional installments of the new series on a bi-weekly basis. Upcoming subjects include Procurement’s Metrics, Processes, Tools, and Role within the organization. “Our hope,” Payne continues, “is that everyone who reads the series will gain a new understanding of how they refine Procurement piece by piece.”

Jennifer Ulrich, Source One’s Procurement Transformation Practice Lead, considers the series a spiritual successor to last year’s Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives.

“Like last year’s series,” Ulrich says, “Building an Effective Procurement Organization  will communicate the breadth of Procurement Transformation and encourage readers to think about what the term could mean for their organization. Businesses who’ve struggled to identify priorities or inspire action should find themselves emboldened to drive major initiatives.”

For more insights from Source One’s specialists, Supply Management professionals are encouraged to visit The Strategic Sourceror. In addition to future installments in Building an Effective Procurement Organization, the blog will share news, best practices, and other insightful content over the next several months.

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