Supply Chain News and Insights from August 2019

Source One News and Insights – August 2019

Supply Chain Insights and Updates - August 2019

Procurement News and Insights from Source One



Building a New Brand Identity for Procurement

Discussing Procurement’s Brand at SCOPE Procurement Summit

ISM-Chicago has selected Source One Consultant Brandon Hummons to serve as chair for its Emerging Leaders Committee. In this capacity Hummons will work alongside ISM-Chicago’s President to engage young Supply Chain professionals and drive the organization into a new era.

Will We See You At Source One's Procurement Happy Hour

Source One to Host Fifth Annual Procurement Professionals Happy Hour

Source One Director Anthony Mignona has offered his thoughts on effective spend management in a pair of recent podcast episodes. Joining Buyers Meeting Point’s Kelly Barner for both conversations, Mignona addresses subjects including Supply Management’s ongoing digital revolution and the hidden value that’s often found in so-called tail spend.



Cheesecake Factory's Supply Chain is Growing

Cheesecake Factory Acquires Fox Restaurant Concepts

Fox Restaurant Concepts (FRC), a restaurant group existing since 1998 is being acquired by the Cheesecake factory, the well-known California-based food chain. Cheesecake Factory President, David Gordon, expects the merger to elevate both brands as he has worked with FRC before. Will the 353 million dollar merger and acquisition prove beneficial for both companies?


Ethical Sourcing is on the Rise in High Fashion and Luxury Retail

Ethical Sourcing is in Style for the High Fashion Industry

Fashion brands are doing some self-reflection and addressing how they can align their company processes with environmental awareness. Radical changes are being made to build a more ethical and responsible brand identity. Bennett Glace provides us with some insight into the fashion industry and how big names are making ethics part of the conversation.


Is Your Procurement Team Prepared for the Upcoming Recession

Is Your Procurement Team Recession-Proof?

Suplari has reported that most procurement professionals are expecting a recession to hit the U.S. economy by 2020’s end. As a cost-focused entity, Procurement will have a lot on its place if this comes to pass. Is your team prepared for an economic slump? Siara Singleton shares some ways your team can begin to gear up for the potential recession and build a resilient business.


Empty Miles are Hurting Carriers Across the Nation

Carriers, Economy Suffering from Empty Miles Glut 

Last year, the trucking industry saw 11.5 billion tons of freight. There were even periods where truckers were forced to double up on goods to get deliverables moving. This year hasn’t been the same story. The industry is experiencing an empty miles glut and it’s affecting everyone from drivers to shipping companies. Could this be a poor logistics system issue?


Managing Direct Mail Spend

Direct Mail Best Practices for 2019 and Beyond

Even in this age of mass technology use, direct mail still has a notable place in marketing. Statistics have even shown that consumers are more likely to respond to marketing content through direct mail than they are through email. Direct mail can be effective if it’s structured strategically. Here are some best practices to consider when forming a direct mail campaign.


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