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Procurement Executive Tail Spend Panel

Talking Tail Spend with Procurement Executives

December 8th to December 10th, Corcentric’s Source-to-Pay team is joining Supply Management executives from across the nation for a Consero’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Forum in Coral Gables, FL. There, they’ll host a panel on effectively managing tail spend. Alongside thought leaders and executives, they’ll discuss making tail spend an essential value source.

The Leaders in Source-to-Pay Sponsor ISM2020

Corcentric Sponsors ISM2020

Once again, the leading providers of Source-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash solutions are headed to the Institute for Supply Management’s Annual Conference. This year’s festivities will take place from April 26-29 in Boston and focus on “revolutionary ideas.”  In addition to dozens of Supply Chain innovators the conference welcomes Nikki Haley and General James Mattis.



Digital Supply Chain Security Insights

Understanding Supply Chain Security in the Digital Era

Supply Chain security is a more complicated issue than ever in our hyper-connected, digital era. Maintaining a safe and secure supply network is a full-time job that demands Procurement collaborate effectively with its peers across the business. In this blog, the leaders in Source-to-Pay offer eye-opening statistics as well as best practices for taking a more risk-averse approach to supply chain management.


Are You Struggling with Supply Chain Visibility?

Many Companies Dealing with Supply Chain Visibility Issues

A pitiful few organizations have visibility beyond their tier-1 suppliers. This leaves them vulnerable to a host of risk factors that evolve and multiply all the time. These risks can mean far more than lost dollars and missed opportunities. In many instances, poor visibility could mean partnering with unethical suppliers or letting irresponsible, even illegal behavior go unnoticed.


How Will Self-Driving Cars Impact the Global Supply Chain

5 Predictions for the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

We’re still a long way from sharing the road with lanes full of autonomous vehicles, but experts are still hopeful for this evolving technology. In the near-term future, autonomous cars and trucks have the potential to transform supply networks and provide for a new approach to shipping and logistics – and that’s not even the half of it. Check out these predictions for the the driver-less future.


What Will America's Departure from the Paris Agreement Mean?

Will U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Agreement Impact Supply Chains

You’ve probably heard that the United States withdrew from the landmark Paris Climate Agreement, but what does this really mean? This blog examines the thought process behind the decision as well as the ways American supply chains might affected. Climate change is a huge threat to businesses everywhere and failing to take decisive action makes this threat even greater.


Employees Demand Ethical Sourcing

Procurement 2020: The Call is Coming from Inside the House

Employees and investors have had enough. They’ve lost their patience for organizations that will pay lip service to sustainability while failing to take action. Throughout the year, a number of industry leading organizations have caught an earful. Amazon and Google, for example, say hundreds of employees take to the streets during the fall’s Global Climate Strike. What’s next?


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