Source One to Discuss Inspiring and Empowering Professionals at ISM2019

4/2 – Talking Talent Development with Procurement Leaders

Procurement Experts Share Talent Management Insights with Industry Leaders

Sharing Talent Management Insights with Procurement Leaders


Willow Grove, PA (April 2, 2019) – Source One’s Spend Management experts  will return to the Institute for Supply Management (ISM)’s Annual Conference next week. Joining thousands of Supply Chain professionals in Houston, they’ll serve as exhibitors and sponsors for ISM2019 as well as the exclusive hosts of the ExecIn Forum.

ExecIn is a two-day, executive-only event featuring a unique agenda of networking and thought leadership sessions presented by industry leaders from Fortune 500 companies, including GlaxoSmithKline and IBM.  This year, in addition to emerging Procurement solutions and the evolving role of the CPO, ExecIn attendees will share the strategies they’ve employed to address the ever-widening talent gap in Supply Chain Management. On April 8th, they’ll exchange success stories and discuss common pain points in an interactive session titled ‘Building the Perfect Team.’

Source One Director David Pastore will kick off the session remarking on the importance of consistency in leadership.

“Just about every Procurement leader would name consistent improvement as a goal,” says Pastore. “We all expect a lot of our teams, but I wonder if we’re all holding ourselves to a high enough standard. I hope to ask the Supply Chain leaders at ExecIn to honestly reflect on whether they’ve provided consistent feedback, consistent challenge, and a consistent sense of purpose to everyone across their organizations.”

Purposeful leadership promises to serve as a theme for the ExecIn Forum. Moderator Jan Griffiths, the Founder and President of Gravitas, considers it an especially important element of Procurement’s ongoing strategic evolution. Throughout the event, she plans to advocate for a new style of leadership that places an emphasis on empowerment and inspiration.

The leaders in spend management will also send members of their industry-leading team to ISM2019’s Emerging Professionals Kickoff on April 7th. Consultants and Supply Chain Rising Stars Kaitlyn Krigbaum and Elizabeth Skipor will join other emerging thought leaders to share their experiences and discuss the strategies that have fueled them throughout the early stages of their career. Both of Source One’s 30 Under 30 winners look forward to engaging with their peers to gain new insights into Procurement’s future.

Interested in attending ExecIn? Senior-level professionals from non-consulting organizations with at least $1.2 billion in revenue are invited to join. Reach out to Carole Boyle ( today to reserve your spot. Attendees at every stage in their career are also welcomed to stop by Booth #438 to meet Source One’s team.

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