Procurement Transformation Handbook Release

8/8 – Procurement Transformation Handbook Release

Source One Shares Procurement Transformation Wisdom with the Release of Landmark Whitepaper

Source One Publishes New White Paper Outlining How to Prepare for a Procurement Transformation

Willow Grove, PA (August 18, 2015)– Leading procurement and supply management services consulting firm, Source One Management Services, LLC, takes its thought leadership foothold another step further with the release of its latest whitepaper, Is It Time to Transform Your Procurement Operations? Leveraging wisdom formed over decades of helping clients optimize procurement and supply chain performance, Source One’s newest whitepaper serves as a guide for assessing how SS&P operations align with overall corporate strategy.

Vice President William Dorn shares; “This whitepaper reflects a shift in the procurement function that Source One has helped to affect. Companies are no longer relying on procurement departments solely for tactical purchasing, but more so on a strategic level to align spend with the company’s overarching strategies.”

With this shift in mind, the paper presents a holistic methodology that addresses how procurement delivers value to the company as a whole through its cross-functional and cross-category impact. Emphasizing the need for a current state assessment prior to launching a procurement transformation initiative, the paper walks supply management professionals through major considerations for standing up a procurement organization:Processes, People, Technology, and Metrics, including:

  • How to prepare for a procurement transformation by defining clear assessment goals and gaining executive buy-in
  • The steps companies should take when conducting the assessment for each of these functions and what questions they should be able to answer post-evaluation
  • What type of metrics are needed to accurately measure procurement’s performance based on corporate goals

Source One also plans to release additional guides for implementing advanced analytics in Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, as well as on the topic of evolving Procurement BPO paradigm later this year. This fall, expect to find Source One attending the Q1 Pharmaceutical Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Conference as featured guests. Also catch Source One experts at ProcureCon Pharma 2015.

Contact our Procurement Transformation Experts to learn more about our Procurement Transformation Advisory Services.

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Procurement Transformation Advisory

Shift your procurement operations from tactical and reactive to strategic and proactive with Source One’s Procurement Transformation Advisory. Our customized approach assesses your organization holistically, reviewing key functions such as your people, processes, technology, and tools. We’ll leverage decades of procurement lessons learned to support your procurement transformation initiative from gaining executive buy-in to implementation.


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Well established and effective supplier relationship management doesn’t happen by accident. SRM relies on a standardized set of practices and processes that produce consistent interactions and open communication between your company and your suppliers. Source’s One approach to vendor relationship management establishes these methodologies to monitor supplier activity post-sourcing to ensure contract compliance, improving performance, mitigating risk and enhancing ROI.



How do your operations compare to industry best-practices? Leverage real time market intelligence with Source One’s benchmarking services. Our experts utilize our proprietary database to provide you with a customized benchmark report with insight into market pricing, contract terms, service levels and more, complete with actionable business process improvement recommendations.

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