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Direct Materials

Direct Spend Category Management


At Source One, our team has decades of experience sourcing the raw materials that go directly into our clients’ finished goods and manufacturing processes.  Our innovative approach to direct material sourcing helps our clients to achieve high savings levels, without sacrificing quality or customer service.  In the realm of direct materials, our supply chain consultants are also well versed in Engineered Products and Contract Manufacturing.

Direct Materials and Raw Materials

Source One is committed to finding our clients the right suppliers for all of their direct/raw materials.  We are capable of facilitating all aspects of the sourcing process for raw materials, including RFP administration, negotiations, and implementation. We have experience in virtually every direct spend category, and are committed to helping our clients procure adequate materials and reduce their costs

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Engineered Products (PPV & VAVE)

At Source One, we can help your business to manage the engineering and production of your manufactured finished goods.  Our approach to engineered products is two-fold; we aim to encourage innovation and reduce risk.  Since 1992, our team has used PPV and VA/VE approaches to help our clients substitute lower-cost materials, execute design changes, and optimize their manufacturing processes.

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Contract Manufacturing

Our knowledgeable and savvy procurement team can help you to identify the best-fit contract manufacturing organization for your business and production needs.  At Source One, we can help you to choose a CMO that is cost-effective, responsive, timely, and dependable.  Our strategic sourcing experts are committed to finding our clients the highest quality CM / CMO at the lowest possible price.

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Sourcing within the optics sub-category is a challenging undertaking, with your procurement team needing to rationalize dozens of catalog and custom designed optical components and assemblies and match them with your company’s technical requirements. Trust our team of engineers and optics sourcing experts to be your strategic advisors and your boots on the ground.

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Electrical Manufacturing Services (EMS)

With direct experience in engineering and decades of market intelligence in strategic sourcing, Source One’s team of procurement experts understands the requirements and nuances of electrical manufacturing services for the production of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs), Wire Harnesses, Box-Builds, and other Electromechanical Assembles, and more.

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