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Fleet Management Strategic Sourcing

Fleet Budget Optimization Services from Source One

Source One offers Strategic Sourcing Solutions for Fleet Maintenance and Management

Source One’s fleet optimization experts can help you identify the most cost-effective vehicle products and services for your organization’s unique fleet needs.  

Whether you own or lease your fleet, managing the costs of this category can seem like a juggling act with individual components influencing one another. Changing your tire brand, for example, can have rippling effects into maintenance schedules, vehicle uptime, and fuel efficiency. Sole-sourcing your fleet from one manufacturer may reduce the skillset needed to maintain the vehicles and limit the number of replacement parts, but could have a negative impact on your operations as OEM recalls, bailouts, or compliance issues frequently emerge in this industry. Or, perhaps your organization needs to re-evaluate your fuel-card strategy to make room for alternative energy sources. With countless moving parts, interconnected silos, how can a single fleet manager be expected to manage these pressures on a limited budget?

Source One is at your service! Our fleet sourcing experts understand that no two fleets are alike – each composed of vehicles serving specific business needs, with varied fuel and maintenance costs. We recognize that fleet sourcing initiatives must be customized to your unique fleet needs, which is why we take a comprehensive approach to optimizing your fleet operations, considering:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Acquisition & Remarketing Structure
  • Fuel -Card & Fuel Programs
  • Administrative Functions
  • Required Reporting
  • Technology and Telematics
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Replacement Parts, Tires, and Disposables


Is your organization looking to transition to an eco-friendly fleet? Are you weighing the options between buying outright vs. leasing fleet vehicles? Are you interested in exploring alternative maintenance arrangements? Does your fleet fueling operations need to be centralized? Working alongside your procurement team, our strategic sourcing and fleet category experts will work to identify the right fleet management solution for your business needs, providing end-to-end support for your fleet sourcing initiative includingIdentifying Fleet

  • Requirements such as fuel and maintenance
  • Providing Fleet Management Benchmark Data
  • Developing a go-to-market strategy
  • Evaluating Sourcing Results
  • Supporting Direct Negotiations
  • Providing Strategic Advice and Decision Support


Our experts have supported countless fleet sourcing engagements and understand the complexities and cost drivers of fleet operations. We’ll put to use decades of procurement best-practice, coupled with fleet management expertise to deliver budget optimization solution for your organization’s fleet operations. Contact us our fleet cost reduction experts today to learn more about our strategic sourcing services for fleet operations.

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Comprehensive Cost Reduction Solutions

Logistics and Freight Optimization

Drive efficiency and budget optimization in your domestic and internal transportation operations by partnering with Source One’s shipping and logistics experts. We’ll leverage your overall spend and work to optimize shipping routes while incorporating market conditions, provider capabilities, and geographical locations. Our cost-reduction experts will custom design a sourcing strategy based on your organization’s logistical needs and provide support through implementation, including establishing proper freight payment processing methodologies.

Logistics Spend Management 

Facilities Maintenance

From food services and supplies to window washing, finding the right vendors and suppliers to maintain your facilities can be time consuming and challenging, but Source One can help. For over two decades, we’ve helped companies reduce costs and get more value out of their facilities management budget. Well versed in the latest facility maintenance trends and technologies, our strategic sourcing experts will work alongside your internal team to determine the full scope of work and identify the right approach for your organization including managing internal vs. outsourced work, supplier relationships, and ongoing monitoring of pricing compliance.

Facilities Management

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Sourcing

Encompassing a wide range of product and services, vital to your facilities’ day-to-day operations, MRO is a spend category with a high opportunity for cost saving. Yet, it is often overlooked. Let Source One’s MRO category experts provide your organization with the market insight and go-to-market strategy to optimize your MRO budget. Through a comprehensive data collection and analysis process, we’ll help you gain a clear picture of your MRO requirements from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Beyond achieving competitive MRO pricing, our category experts work to establish improved demand planning methodologies, supplier management procedures, streamline billing to reduce administrative costs, and more.

MRO Services