Small Parcel Shipping Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing for Small Parcel Shipments

Small Parcel Strategic Sourcing and Cost Reduction Solutions

Cost Reduction for Small Parcel

Source One’s small parcel sourcing experts can help you identify cost savings opportunities by optimizing your profile to meet your organization’s custom shipping needs. 

Most businesses focus on getting packages to their destination with the quickest turn-around time, with an oversight on shipping through the most cost effective service. With large volumes of packages shipping from multiple locations every day, there is typically little time to ensure optimal selection of package type and delivery method for each – leading many organizations to consider outsourced logistics firms or auditing consulting companies to assist in establishing shipping controls and processes.

Source One’s small parcel category experts have the experience and expertise to initiate and manage small parcel sourcing engagements – driving efficiency in small parcel supplier selection and overall shipping activities.

Small Parcel Benchmarking

Small Parcel Sourcing 

Procurement professionals have lot on their plate when it comes to negotiating best-in-class small parcel agreements. Leveraging years of Logistics Strategic Sourcing best practices, they’ll help your team navigate the contract complexities of small parcel shipments, including:

  • Time of Day – Small Parcel shipping costs will vary based on when you request the shipment. Source One will optimize discounts and develop a strategic schedule for deliveries.
  • Day of Week – Small Parcel suppliers may impose additional surcharges depending on the day of the week of your shipment. Source One’s Strategic Sourcing experts will help you control when shipments to mitigate additional surcharges.
  • Commercial Vs. Residential Needs – The Strategic Sourcing experts at Source One will help you better understand your spend profile and identify opportunities for reducing any residential or commercial surcharges.
  • Shipping and Destination Locations – Source One can empower your Procurement team to negotiate centralized Small Parcel shipments. This can add renewed efficiency and cut down on unnecessary charges.
  • Weight Factors – Dimensional weight calculations can  help optimize spend for all small parcel shipments. Source One’s years of successful sourcing initiatives have helped them learn the value of effective calculations.
  • Ancillary Surcharges & Miscellaneous Fees – In the small parcel category, charges can add up quickly. The Strategic Sourcing team at Source One will help you closely monitor these charges and leverage incentives to avoid additional costs.
  • Minimum Requirements – Many small parcel contracts require a minimum amount of shipments or spend. Source One’s Strategic Sourcing specialists will take these into account throughout the contracting process.

The Small Parcel Strategic Sourcing team at Source One will help you understand your company’s unique shipping profile and negotiate best-in-class small parcel contracts for your needs.

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Strategic Sourcing for Freight and Logistics

Source One’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing team possesses the resources and market intelligence to help clients achieve the best service and prices possible in their logistics agreements. We’re equipped to leverage your overall spend to improve the efficiency of your routing processes and implement more effective payment methods for small parcel and other delivery services.

Specialty Courier Strategic Sourcing

Source One’s logistics cost reduction team understand that sometimes the services offered by standard freight or small parcel carriers are not sufficient. Our years of sourcing specialty courier services prepare us to introduce clients to dependable carriers capable of meeting strict standards for both quality or cost. Whatever your shipping needs, trust the specialty courier experts to produce savings and establish fruitful, strategic partnerships.

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Packaging is an important – often ignored – component of logistics spend. Effective packaging ensures optimal transportation, storage, and handling of your products. Our cost management and strategic sourcing experts will assess your unique packaging needs, analyze spend to uncover savings opportunities, and explore the market to identify the right-fit packaging suppliers for your organization.

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Green Logistics Providers

Source One’s clients often assume that sustainable Procurement and cost-effective Procurement are mutually exclusive. Our Strategic Sourcing consultants excel at dispelling these notions. With our help, clients often find that sustainable small parcel solutions can come at a great price. Whatever your spend category, trust our team to identify responsible savings.

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