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Source One’s Top 25 Spend Categories

Our Procurement Experts Offer Diverse Category Management Services


Since 1992, Source One’s strategic sourcing experts have been helping leading organizations better understand their corporate spend profile and implement unique spend management strategies for reducing costs and achieving more value out of their budget.

While we have humble beginnings in the Telecom and MRO spend categories, our spend management experts quickly proved our strategic sourcing practices could be applied to any indirect spend category- we even wrote the book on it! Over the years, we’ve helped companies tackle a variety of spend management challenges, establish strong spend category management strategies, and improve supplier relationships. Whether you’re looking for support finding the right advertising agency for your brand needs, looking to reduce costs on office supplies, or need to get a better handle on your telecom expenses, Source One’s spend category experts have you covered! Check out this quick video for an overview of our top spend categories!

Learn how Source One can help you tackle your spend category challenges and meet your budget optimization goals! Contact our spend category subject matter experts today!

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