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Advocating for Purpose-Driven Leadership in Procurement

Jan Griffiths to Moderate ExecIn Forum @ ISM2019 

A veteran of the automotive Procurement world, Jan Griffiths recently embarked on a second career. As the Founder and President of Gravitas Detroit she advocates for a new leadership style – one that aims to inspire rather than simply manage. She’ll share her thoughts on the value of empathy, emotional intelligence, and people-focused leadership as the moderator for the ExecIn Forum.

Trio of Source One Experts Recognized as Pros to Know

Spend Management Experts Recognized as Pros to Know

For the ninth year in a row, members of Source One’s Procurement and Spend Management team have earned spots on Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s list of Procurement ‘Pros to Know.’ This year’s list of the space’s most impactful and innovative professionals includes Source One Senior Analyst Samantha Hoy as well as Consultants Kaitlyn Krigbaum and Elizabeth Skipor.

Source One Consultants Named Supply Chain Rising Stars

Source One Consultants Named to ’30 Under 30′ List

Each year, the Institute for Supply Management publishes a list of the 30 most notable Supply Chain professionals aged 30 and under. The 30 Under 30 list provides a snapshot of Procurement excellence and an example for the next generation. Two of Source One’s consultants, Elizabeth Skipor and Kaitlyn Krigbaum, have earned spots on this year’s list. They are recognized for bridging the gap between Procurement and other units.


Which Procurement Operating Model Does Your Business Need?

Which Procurement Operating Model is Right for You?

It’s imperative to have the right operating model to realize procurement’s full potential in your organization. Decentralized procurement gives autonomy that enables efficiency, centralized has reliable sourcing practices, and center-led has the benefit of stakeholder input from all levels. Dive into more pros and some cons of each model to decide which is optimal for your organization.

Disrupting Procurement's Conventional Wisdom

New Report Urges Businesses to Create a ‘Net Positive’ Supply Chain

Businesses are encouraged to adopt a holistic approach to work toward saving the environment that will have a more “net positive” impact. A report is saying there are “revolutionary” changes ahead for supply chain that surpasses merely reducing the carbon footprint, but replenishing natural resources for long-term sustainability. This initiative is being endorsed by major industry players.

Improve Supplier Negotiations with Six Simple Steps

Stronger Supplier Negotiations in Six Steps

Supplier negotiations are a necessary evil, if you will, until you are seasoned enough that it becomes almost second nature. Admittingly, there can be a discomfort associated with negotiations that our procurement expert, Brian Seipel, acknowledges and aims to ease with six steps. He gives three ways around the mental game of negotiations and three tips on coming to the table prepared.

Chipotle Makes Supply Chain Shifts to Address Food Safety Concerns

Chipotle Revamping Supply Chain Operations to Combat Food Safety Issues

There are thousands of successful Chipotle restaurants nationwide, but the company’s image is still under recovery from the various foodborne illness incidents throughout the years. The pressure has motivated adjustments to their supply chain to combat these food safety concerns that are already well underway. Major changes include instituting a new team to better source fresh ingredients.

Addressing the Blockchain Paradox in Freight and Logistics

Freight, Logistics, and the Blockchain Paradox

Ironically, the very mistrust that transparency from blockchain technology is meant to alleviate it what is preventing industry participants from forming a common blockchain ecosystem. This paradox leads to excitement over transformational expectations, but also yields a great deal of uncertainty of success due to the lack of action. Learn what you can do to help spread the adoption of blockchain solutions.


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